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Renault 11 Turbo's in UK how many left? Attempt to track them all down...


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am i reading this right david ?? im all confused (doesnt take much at this time) C247 SLX is sat with me at the moment in work, i hope the car above is a different one thats being talked about otherwise one of us has a ringer:oops:
No mate, case of mistaken identity, my bad. I'll delete the post! I clicked it after i read this thread earlier, after I posted the pic.

Big Steve - Raider

The Restoration Guy
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F554 kCG was a white 11 turbo owned by both myself and Tiny Tim. Tim ended up selling it on but can’t remember to who but they wrapped it around a tree!. Mot ran out in April 2009 so I’m guessing it got written off :(
Thanks for your contribution @Beardo , I've added it to the second post in this thread.

Are you the Original Beardo from back in the day? Fair play to you mate if so, I remember reading some of your posts on the old R*OC club!! Hope all is well?


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Hi, you have my white one on your list, but not my black turbo. Both locked up in garages. The white 11 has not been touched in 15 years or so, but the black one I got on the road about 6 years ago, ran it off and on for a year then parked it up again. But I’m feeling the need for full restoration 😁
Ps... I must have one of the first and one of the last ones.... black (B reg 1984), white (F reg 1989)

Many thanks

Paul Hobson


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