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ZDJL Turbo Convertion



Hey all,

Iam planning a turbo convertion for the ZDJL "dourvin" 2.2 L version. The engine is out of a peugeot 505 GTI. The engine is unleaded version and has a stock compression ratio of 8.8:1, so its ideal for forced induction. My main problem will be the stock injection being abit too dated. I wish to install larger injectors and a megasquirt management system. What are the stock injectors on the 21 turbo?

Also if anyway has any info or advise that you think could help me out it would be extremely preciated!:D

Has anyone modded there 21's with say larger turbos or better injection? Keen to see what kinda power you guys pull out of these neat cars.

Hi the standard 21 turbo injectors are bosch 0-280-150-802 items which flow
283.8cc/min at 3bar fuel pressure, i run a t34 modified turbo, and bosch 0-280-150-803 injectors with megasquirt and we are in the middle of mapping it, but already realising the potential. good luck with your project, and keep us updated on your progress:clap:
As Craig said, and the J-series is highly tuneable in turbo form. Take care though, the 21 Turbo setup features things like oil spray to the base of the pistons, sodium cooled exhaust valves and brass guides as well as an oil cooler and so on.
If I were you I'd go for bigger than stock turbo injectors if you plan on any more than 15psi of boost.
Thanx for the replys! Ill definately be using the larger bosch injecters! Even thought the engines are known for being fairly cool I am still very concerned about it. Everything I can possibly do to keep the engine nice and cool will be done, new radiator/oil cooler, best intercooler I can af****(UMMM I cant say A F F O R D?), increase airflow into the engine bay and if they will fit maybe some sodium valves from a r21 T. Can these valves be fitted to peugeot head? or would I need to fit a 21 head to have these babies inplace? I dont see myself running anything more than 10 psi with the stock pistons, so could be going over the top abit with some of the cooling messures I have planned....but it all adds up I guess.

Also the 505's ZDJL is a undersquare engine stock, is the 21 engine the same? If so has anyone changed the stroke to made it to a oversquare engine, increasing the rev rate probably very well (might loose some torque and cooling in the process though.. but less wear on the pistons that way)

Im still question what kinda car I should put this into... Definately not gonna be anything other than a renault, pug or a....... citreon. A renault I would love to drop it in is the R21 TXI, I can ship one over from newzealand and than use its 12 valve head on the turbo engine maybe. Does anyone here know of anyone who has done this? and what kinda improvement it made?
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I Wouldnt bother with the 12 valve unless you have a bigger budget, Believe me, I'm ?3500 into it already lol. The 8 valve head casting is the same on the turbo/NA with no more than different bits fitted (guides, valves, stem seals, cam , cam cover etc) however the bottom end you have has a longer throw on the crank with longer liners and I think shorter pistons.
You'd do well to simply ship a Turbo head and manifolds over to you from here complete with cam, valves and all that lot. Its ready to go then.
Yeh thats what I thought.. the 12 Valve would probably have better effect on an NA engine more so than the turbo. As for shipping a complete r21T head over , the idea has crossed my mind. I was worried that the stock manifolds could me more restrictive than a custom one I could make up myself. What kinda price do you think I reasonable complete head would cost?

prices vary, but personally i sell good complete heads for ?50-?60.
But because of the weight i'd imagine shipping would be expensive, but im sure my good friend phil could sort something;)
There you go, I'd say craigs price was about right.

Fabricating an exhaust manifold if you planned doing it anyway would be the better option, although a std inlet would make your life sooooo much easier, and being forced induction I dont think you'll suffer for it unless you want over 250bhp. If you want that power you'll be needing a turbo bottom end anyway for the pistons and oil spray etc......

Check your bottom end on the exhaust side to see if there's large blank plugs with allen key holes to remove them, these access the oil gallery and you'll be able to take your turbo oil feed from here.
Thats a great price for the head, even though postage would be double that easily! As for the exhaust manifold.... well I think ill save some of the custom job fun for myself:) But the inlet could be a different story...

Cheers again guys! You have been a great help, and ill certainly stick around here!

Also what are the larger differences between a R21 Turbo and a R21 TXI? Looking at one to drop this engine into. Could a different model 21 be a better choice?
Look for anything with a strong gearbox. The NG series box in the 21TXi will shred at the thought of 200+bhp.

Either that or try and get yourself a UN1 turbo box to drop in with the engine. The TXi would be a good choice, although you may have to mod the tranny tunnel. The suspension and bushes are a lower spec than the turbo too, but thats gonna be the same on any NA to turbo conversion.
I think "for now" its gonna have to go to a 505, till I can source a nicer car.
I have a ZDJ-K I bored to 2.3 and 8.5 comp.
I used a supercharger from a Toyota and Link G3 engine management.
Cracked a sleeve on the dyno at 2000rpm, but 520 lb/ft at the rear wheel in top gear!
I'm putting in a standard ZDJ-K with the blower so we can get the computor right.Is there an air to water intercooler in Renaults that anyone knows of?
Use a PWR liquid to air cooler.

It won't have got 520lb/ft legit, most likely a wheel spun inertia spike on the rollers.
prices vary, but personally i sell good complete heads for ?50-?60.
But because of the weight i'd imagine shipping would be expensive, but im sure my good friend phil could sort something;)

As Craig says if you need it shipped let me know, and I'll sort it no probs.....
lol, this thread is very old, and hopefully he kept everything from the ZDJL as its far superior to everything on the 21.
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