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I enter the forum address in my browser, it asks me to log in, then thanks me for logging in after I have done this, but when I want to reply or create new post, it asks me to log in.......again and again and again.

Then it told me I'd entered the wrong password twice...........which is nigh on impossible.

Still its much better aint it :p
You on AOL? I Had that. Since I been on here with firefox instead its been fine, and it has been reported as a bug.

Bond- Still not workin on AOL.
Not on AOL, I'm on Blueyonder at home and work is BT.

It asked me to log in to reply to you, in reply to a post I originated.

But the old fora was crap - I must keep telling myself that lol
Reply to a post before you log in, and log in as you reply. Ive not had a problem doing it that way, unless you are doing it that way, then maybe its a cookies thing or summat.....
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