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Great great great site..... ive been popping in for years.....but quiet of late
I had a gordini turbo and they are fun, I still have a MK1 TS......
bought some parts from Andrew and they are well made , lucky to be able to buy some of the rarer parts
It would be great to incorporate the r5gordini site into this one ..... it would bring more people to both forums I'm sure and bring the Mk1s into a wider audience

like a R5gordini section with all the tips and advice from the years of the site.....with nice recognition to Andrew make him a staff member with editing powers

What does the top brass think?
Have you actually asked Andrew? I posted some links on a fb site that supported that site and got an absolute hammering, seems like they wernt interested in even looking. I am a member there anyway
What does the top brass think?
I think it's a great idea if they are interested, this sort of thing is in our long term plan. I was going to approach the 21Toc soon about integrating.
What we need to do so is a familiarity though, getting approached by a stranger will more likely create a divide over building bridges. We need someone thats involved in both clubs to build that initial bridge (IMO).
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