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Too heavy (IMO) to warrant it, plus theyre even harder to tune than the 4-pot you got now.

Has been done though into a Quadra, he was doing some good times last time i heard. Invested a lot to get it there mind.
Whats the bhp on that engine?? so it wouldnt just drop st8 in?? bish bash bosh more power??? eh eh?:king:
I Think some of them are 190bhp, but that gets offset by the weight. Also there's an integral fuel cut at 1bar boost in the management so you need some right arsing about to get decent boost without problems.

hasnt it got 2 fuel cut-offs dave? one on the ecu and a seperate one. im sure steve v6 said the auxillary one is easy to byepass but as you say the one in the ecu is a nightmare. i believe the engine is cast???? but im sure kevin from gto engineering has wrung quite a few horses from these lumps;)
and yes last i heard steve was into the high 13s 1/4 mile now, but he seems to have disapeared off the planet, perhaps we should be worried, its the quiet ones you need to watch. comes up and beats us all.:D :D
At the end of the day craig, although he's done great work sorting it all out and getting where he is its still a heavy engine in a heavy car, with big wheels and a parachute bodykit.

I WOuld be hugely impressed if he hit a sub-13 which is where we're going.......

.....innit? :064:

well we hope so, it was my aim to be into the 12secs, but thats a big step. now i got my ecu back from repair im ready to carry on mapping, but the rest of my team on now in christmas routine:(
so looks like its new year now, but we will get there.
December 16th, I hope, is mine and Rabsons next attempt. Got a better flywheel setting now too, so if we can sort out this fuel pump and injection relay hiccup we're there!

a good friend of mine bought one of these monsters and is having it transplanted into the back of his saxo by muzz racing have tuned it to a whooooopppping 600ponys and is aiming for the 200mph mark will let you know when compleat how close he gets:king:
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