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WICH is the maximun psi that the r21can handle????



hi i was wondering wich is the maximun turbo PSI that a standard R21 turbo can handle??.
because i have a 2,2 carburatted turbo engine with forged pistons, and im using 1,2 bar of pressure.

another thing the turbo rods are the same as the normaly aspirated 2,0 ????

I live in Chile

No, the rods are not the same, they are stronger on the turbo.

We run approx 18psi as a max rule on a mildly modded engine, but with yours being a 2.2 carb engine its so different in running and fuelling i wouldnt take that as having any value on your car.

Get an air/fuel ratio meter and you'll be able to figure it out.....
i know that my engine and the r21 turbo engine, aren`t the same but what i need to know is how much pressure it can handle with and with out stock internals.

the maximun psi.
Like i said

It depends on your engine.

If its fuelling right etc etc itll take a lot more than if its not.....

A 21T will blow up at 15psi if its not running right with sensors down and worn components, whereas it'll run over 30psi if everything is bob on and set up precisely.

So, there you go. The only way you can answer you 'where is the limit' question is to cross the limit (blow it up).

for pre-ignition (pinking, rattle) when you adjust your boost pressure. If you have drop forged pistons then they can take highier boost. Also the renault mechanicals i.e. rods, crank can take alot of power. Its the oil temperature and pressure which normally lets the reliability down, especially in a hot country like chille !! 8)

Like dave says, 2 bar (30 psi) would be possible if you can stop the engine pinking. Most motorsport engines run that level of boost, but have racing high octane fuel, very large intercoolers and probably lower compression ratio.

If you can get enough fuel from the carb then you are doing well. The problem with the turbo engines is that the injection will only give 245 bhp Max! Bigger injectors would be needed.

Have fun,

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