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which Turbo


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just been trying to find out what turbo is fitted to my car. Turbo Techs say that going by the serial no its a standard unit, with 360 degree bearing, but i know it dont feel nothing like a standard turbo :!: :!:

It is really lazy and only pulls well 80-100.

Any ideas :?:
well std unit wiv a 360 bearing it would be classed s a hybrid wouldnt it???,,
if it the same turbo as when the car was featured in fastcar, it came from MV turbos in Dunfermline..
Your right it is a Hybrid, but its not the same one that MV turbos fitted :(

The previous owner (Mr Christie) changed it for the current one. The reason Im asking is because it is slow as s**t in my opinion :!: Feels more like a standard car. Should a hybrid be sluggish :?:

Are these built for top, mid and low range power :?:
u aint avin it back!!!

shame 2 c ur new 21 going not so well!!! but still looks f**kin nice! dont worry vuk is steamin [145 easy last nite]. shes goin on the rollers on the 7th of june 2 b dyno'd so will let u no bhp. cheers chap! troy

To say the least I miss VUK like mad :cry: Ph1 is the best in my oppinion :D

My new one is definitely slower than VUK, a completely different drive too :!: But you can't beat the way she looks, I know Im moaning but I still love it.

If you stick VUK on the rollers I think you might get a shock when the reading comes out - She was quick :twisted:

Are you gonna come to French car Day then :?: Come on mate you know you wanna, and I can see VUK again :wink:

sorry my m8 no can do!! just too far and i need 2 b back for 7 2 work, its about a 5hr round trip. next year def. cheers. troy
the quadra i bought off trev has an md80 hybrid,, and compared to the std turbo on my other quadra is feels a lot slower,,but it has a lot more top end punch,where the std t3 comes in earlier. :) maybe thats what ure feeling when u compare both cars. take it you got no boost leaks?
re hybrid turbo

as far as i know a hybrid turbo has a larger cossie impeller and the standard turbo has a conical venturi this is machined and opened out its also fitted with a 360 bearing did you know that a 360 bearing is really designed for use in race engines and that a 360 bearing wont last as long as your standard one if my source is correct
im sticking wiv a standard turbo as i want as instant grunt as u can get LOL By the time you lot have come on boost ill allready b LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG gone PMSL
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