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Which club to go for???

TNT Andy

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There has been a lot of movement over the past 6-12 months in respect to the status of inclusion of which club to be in etc.

However - I see it like this:-

I have been a member of the RTOC for many a long year and have been extremely proud to be so, I've attended many an event as a solo RTOC member wearing my RTOC garbs with pride, and I would still today if alternatives where not available. I have many conversations with RTOC members (local) who tell me many things have changed after the recent upsets etc and I get the feeling they want former members back in the fold.

I don't know if this is common amongst other members on here ???

I have reservations about actions made over recent times within the rtoc, but irrespective of this, I find it hard to pay to join up to another group when A - i'm in a free group, B - All my local member still stay in contact outside of the former cub, and C - Facebook is rather handy to arrange local meets as it pretty much has been over the years.

I think the reason for the post, is to say, it doesn't really matter which group you fall under, so long as the greater enthusiastic element of all groups stays strong and comes together one way or another.

The TNT banner will always be flown, events organised and banter be had.

anyone else feel like this?
It's a club, but from little acorns big oak trees grow :)

For me, I will never post on rtoc again, or be part of any event/anything else on there, after the way they treated Steve & I over 'that' thread. The way they threatened to ban us was borderline blackmail, and even after Penfold admitted it was him, it still took a while before Steve & I were reinstated.

The snidey & shitty comments was a surprise & uncalled for too, especially given all we've done for rtoc over the years (nearly 18 for me).

Anyway, what's done is done now, but from that, was born, so there was some positive to come from it.
Steve - Define 'Club' - is that us?

Mart - I whole heartedly agree with you, but I never say never, however, this thread is really affirmation that despite which banner you fall under, being a very small group of enthusiasts (Turbo Renault, RTOC, 21 owners Club, Clio Sport etc) Ok not that small, that there will still be a collective no matter what. I know I will still be doing my TNT thing and all will be welcome from here there and everywhere. I see members from all sorts of clubs, and I'm well known, not for my good looks, charm and sophistication, but being a Renault nut. And I get involved in all sorts of meets with other groups and other members. I do like to be a member of a group though as over the years, I have met some great people as a direct result of that, and long may this continue. And TR.CO.UK is where my 'Home' now is.
There has been a lot of movement....

Hmmm... Andy posting a retrospective view on the Renault Enthusiast world at 11:20pm? I'll go for 3 cheeky weeknight Stella's :drinks.gif: and a whisky chaser... :declare.gif:

I will never post on rtoc again, or be part of any event/anything else on there...
Same for me, I have no enthusiasm for that club anymore which is a real shame after 10 years of being a member.
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Oh crumbs Martin, I didn't intend to stir up a hornet's nest - honest!

I've always had mixed feelngs about the other place. Even at the start anyone
owning anything turbo powered that was built after 1991 and not bearing a
prime number, was treated like they had just landed from outer space -
welcoming it was not, despite my also having such a beast in hiding at that time.

Can I issue a word of caution here? If TR _is_ a club, and it's formed on the same
or similar leadership basis, beware of history repeating itself. To a certain extent,
I'm playing devil's advocate here, though I'm saying this more because I completely
understand the anguish you guys went through. I've been through some similar
poop myself :(

Club or not, the reason I've joined is to not feel too isolated as I break the bank
in the money pit that is the R5 - knowing I'm in good company raises the spirits.

I was a member of the GTTurbo owners club back in 1994 for a few years, and then left the scene completely until Jan 2013. I was 20 years between 5's :)

I joined RTOC last February and my membership has just expired. I personally have nothing against RTOC, but I didn't experience enough positives to bother renewing my membership. I obtained all the advice I needed from the Facebook groups, and at the two RTOC events I managed to attend I didn't get to meet any of the other members. I just ended up parked up on my own with nothing linking me to the club except my window sticker.

To be honest, what tipped the balance with my decision not to renew was all that went on in recent months.

So here I am :)
formed on the same
or similar leadership basis, beware of history repeating itself. Steve

Hi Steve.

I know that this club was formed with the greater good of its members in mind. I am not saying the other one isnt. I am saying we are just another outlet. There is no closed group leadership from anyone , just a group of guys who all chipped in financially and are trying to make a great place for a great number of people. Its a club for the people , by the people.

Some of us didnt like the way things are being done on alternative forums so why walk in the shadows when you can do your own ?
You shouldn't feel the need to ask about which club to go for mate, or feel guilty if you want to be a member of both. I'm sure a lot of members on this site are still active on RTOC too.

Unlikely things will ever change on RTOC though, most of the hierarchy in charge seem to have a real elitist mentality.
I am a member of both and for me the reason I join these forum/clubs, what ever you wanna call them, is because I am not a renault genius and like most people im here to gain knowledge and help when needed!

I do think that has a good foundation for a awesome club. And all the positive that once made rtoc a good club, im sure TR have similar and better ideas in the pipe line!

Good job lads
I'm like you Danny...even worse perhaps. I have a very limited knowledge mechanically, I just want my car to go. If it doesn't, I need help ;)
I hope you guys dont mind me posting here as im now helping out on RTOC where I was hoping to become more involved after finishing 5 years of doing a degree, my job at threat from redundancy twice, two kids (one was due on my exam day) other personal issues and my five in desperate need of an overhaul!

Then the club I love becomes a place of ill feeling!:negative.gif:
Its a real shame that enthusiastic and passionate members have left and wont be taking part or attending future events. all i can say is that the new commitee members are doing their best to move things forward positively and for the good of all the members. RTOC needs support and support from all of you or all the years of building a really good club will fold and be wasted! Im hopefull that some of you can still help out in the future as well as do what your doing here. Goes withought saying I would do the same.

I contacted mart a little while ago to offer the hand of friendship and to hopefully forgive and forget by all parties concerned. :drinks.gif:
I'm with Big Steve and Mart on this subject..... Lowie Pete your comments are noted but i think this is the reason why this club as been formed is because the former and very active members/committee of RTOC were sick of the certain key players on RTOC running the club like the 3rd reich. When i quit RTOC it was sad as i did miss chatting to people and helping out other members with issues etc and the events i've attended over the years with RTOC " Germany ring, spa, WSR, Silverstone etc all mostly organised by the two members mentioned above :clapping.gif:

What i don't miss is the crap on RTOC.....

I look forward to being part of this club, helping others and attending events under this new and refreshing club and i would like to say we are now in safe hands :acute.gif:

Well done all involved for setting this club up :yes3.gif:
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I agree I think we should/could all get on a lot better, I'm glad to hear there has been a bit of a committee shake up, I do feel that for what happened on RTOC was a sad time! I don't think anyone should of been banned or privileges removed etc etc that was all a big too power crazy in my opinion.

I see Miller is still chairman, I also see he has not even logged on the RTOC for 6 weeks! That is not the activity of a chairman, I really feel he is not interested and the role should go.

Any how I hope it can all be resolved and we can ALL be friends. :drinks.gif:
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