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whats happening in the next 12months??


Gone but not forgotten
right - so far its been a good 12months

lots of events - cheers sarah

lots of team changes and now thats been put to bed - cheers Lee ;)

normal service seems to have been resumed

but it all seems a bit quiet on the boards

so - before this tight as a ducks A?$e welsh boy parts with anymore - whats on the horizon for the club

are we EVER gonna see this webpage we've been promised for over 12months?? (yes i'm included in the 'dig' in that post as it was me who told you all 12months ago it was happening :roll: )

is roger still doing technical? as there seems to be no-one replying to the 'proper' technical questions that are being asked? and if rog ain't doing it - who is?

is there anyway we can get members to come back to the boards and stale website (even tho a few are trying to update it and well done to them) as i think that a LOT of members have walked away due to certain people and arguements that have happened, and lets just hope that these people haven't gone for good

anyway - apart from the website - there are no digs - just polite questions that i hope can be answered so that i part with some money :shock:


main priority has to be the website :D :D :D :D :D so stale it gone past mouldy,,its almost mumified lol....... but fingers crossed we all hope it will get there soon.

would love to see meets where we can get more involved rather than sitting in the cars sleeping during those boring moments after we all convo'd usualy after the 1st 3 hrs we spoken to most and had a good walk around, trax 2001 and trax2003 we had prize giving and it went down well, this could be expanded to other meets on a smaller scale, or approach it in a different manner, we just need to make meeting up with everyone more interesting,but with out making it even more expensive to meet up.

:?: biggest problem i think is the cost involved in attending, time off+petrol+ entry doesnt leave much loose change to do other stuff,,

:idea: be good to have some affordable track type days, or just a dam good social evening,,like the early days, that way instead of paying dosh to get into an event it can be used having alternative fun, we've all spoken about alton towers or similar,,,just gota do it,,not just talk about it.
the karting days have always been good, no matter what the weather threw at us, we just gota remember one thing,,if someone suggests a meet, dont get all uptite when no one replies instantaneously, also we never gona get loads traveling all over the country to go dare i say a "minor" meet,,so if the response is low in numbers,,ring the venue and see if you can join another group,,that way peeps will see that various meets are being organised and actualy being done, and not canceled due unconfirmed attendance, negativity breeds discontent, we gota be positive to get results,

:?: one thing i would really love to see, is the commitment from a large majority of members where we can arrange a meet and get a large number together, with over 100 members, it shouldnt be impossible to get atleast 50 cars(not just 25-35), and its not totaly impossible to get higher numbers.
:idea: the club is 4yrs old in July,,next year its our 5th birthday
can we plan to get a large number together at either one of the shows next year or at one of our own meets.(ie motor museum,or similar)

if everyone can come up wiith a few comments,,ime sure we can all rumage in the picnmix of ideas and come up with some good things.. 8) :) :D :lol: :p
one thing is for sure
we will all be getting a year older (if not wiser lol)

anyway hopefully the coming year will see more events (big and small) and more members going to events

and may i second the suggestion of a family type meeting, such as alton towers or simular,

to all the team keep up the good work
and good luck in bringing the club into its 5th year.
Alright Lyn, Im currently looking into a rolling road day for southern area, but their aint no reason why it couldn't be a club one. The place Ive found has 2wd and 4wd. the only thing Im a little un-sure about is the price tag which currently stands at about ?35 per car :?: :?: combined with fuel, food and drink its a little bit pricey.

The problem with a national meet is trying to keep the location fair for every-one :wink:
whats going on with the 2fast4u mag lyn mate?? :roll:
ps. this isnt a dig :)
Whats happening....


Ive gotta hold my hands up here, since the whole 'removing members' saga my enthusiasm for things died a little. So I thought, i'd watch Euro 2004 chill out and get back into it rather than just quit cos I was fed up for 2 weeks. So things have gone quiet and I may be partly responsible for this. However, im starting to get a feeling for things again.

The next 12 months arent going to be earth shattering as there is only so much we can do, but I definately want more 21Turbo meets, whether it be Billing, Brighton beach or LochNess....we need to get together more. Rolling road days sound pukka, lets phone PGTi mag and get em to come down, if not them then we'll ask Retro Cars. Retro Cars WILL take note of the 21Turbo, I promise. Area reps need to take on a more responsible role, I dont know what facilities are available in Wrexham for example......Phil ur doing a sound job man, keep it up.

The site is the mainstay of the club, I left the site with Simon and Joff as I know sod all about this, I will ask one of them to post with regards to this, save it becoming Chinese whispers.

The mag was ready to go, then Rog stepped aside, and I came in....a little rework took place, then the whole Mike thing went tits up. Apart from the fact that Lyn had very little response from, you the members, I believe he is waiting on summat from me.....for this I apologise profusely.

As for technical.....we have plans for this, the relevant people have been approached it just need fine tuning, and it'll be up and running. This does however go hand in hand with the revamped site. Also the due to the disappearance of old fora, our hand was forced and thus we couldnt get everything into place as we'd have liked.

Its hoped that in renewing with the club, you will not be disappointed in us. That said, i'd like to ask anyone that has a suggestion, dont just pass it around MSN hoping it'll reach one of us, text us, pm us, email us......its your club, not mine, I just hug it when it gets cold, I wanna keep it that way.

p.s I plan to have it cast in stone that this club will have an AGM at a set date every year......if we as a team are asked to step down for a new team, the only thing ill make them do is sign a statement to say they will stick to the planned AGM's. I say this cos no-one wants to outstay they're welcome....least of all me. I just dont like public
Hi All,

Just to say that the website is in hand, although I have been sidetracked with my Microsoft Exams recently, I am having some time off, so once I have drafted the new site (or at least a shuffle around!!) changes wil be noticed.

Is there an echo in here? :p

Keep it up chaps, maybe i'll even give you some articles for the new site I wrote. MAYBE i'll even let you use the old ones again (lol)

No-one has pissed me off for quite a while, actually. Be careful or it'll get boring :roll: pmsl!

I'm currently looking into next years euro event, hope to drag lyn into helping me a bit :wink: if it goes ahead. Maybe this could be a yearly thing starting up! :D
I'd like to see a section on the site for previous euro events seeing as we had a decent turnout for the 2 so far. I'll do the writing and compiling if someone sends me pictures to put in too.

Roll on the 21Toc 2005 European tour, 'Nurburgring or bust'!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

If i get the text and the pics i will add a couple of pages to the events section.

After all it is the Clubs Website, so the more contributions the better :D
Re: Events

I will be doing the main Events, so any suggestions of other Events would be good. Go-Karting in Wales sounds good...that place has been really good for us both times we've been on a Saturday...who wants to do that later this season??? Then we could go out later that evening for a meal and some beverages, what do you think Lyn?? :wink:
Tried Alton Towers once, no response at all, but theres no reason to try again or maybe Drayton Manor. Anyone up for it?? Or maybe you would prefer Longleat Park, fun for all the family and you get to see Richard Hillyar Racing too..combined event?? This is later in September 04. :D
Roger, I think would like to organise another Rolling Road, Phil's up for organsing a Track Day...anyone interested?? Anyone know of other Rolling Roads or Track days with other clubs that we could attend?? :)

I would like to Organise an Event with another club next year for going from one end of the country to the other. I know that the Renault Sports club have previously done this...would like to give it a go. Or if we save up we could do the Britball Run next year. It's ?250 per person all in this year, so around that figure next year. I'm game if you lot are!!!!! :twisted:

Dave will be organising a Euro Event next year, maybe we could get more to go on these events abroad as there are well worth the money! :D

How about South End Night Cruising where we can meet up and go looking at other cars when its slightly warmer. Really enjoyed that one last time!! :D

We could also make a days outing on the bank holiday coming up at Skeggy, Weston Super Mare, Great Yarmouth, Blackpool or South End? Interested?? :wink:

For the club's 5th Birthday, a meet up of as many 21's as we possible can at BRISTROL'S SERVICES where it really started to develope 4 yrs ago and then go and find something to do which can involve familys and single members...or make it a MASSIVE ONE AT TRAX 05?? :)

Lets take Avon and Santa Pod's strip's like no-one's ever done!! \:D/

French Car Day, lets get more members there!! Get it back at Avon is what I think they should do!! That venue has been the Best French Car Day twice before. :wink:

We went to the Motor Muesum last year with the Renault Owners Club that Moggy had spoken to about an invite for us...that's well worth going too. I'd like to do that again. :D

I'm still thinking of right back........
end of day we cant all go to every meet,,but it would be great if smaller meets are organised localy,,as hopefully it will encourage the woodwork in those areas to come out to play,,as at times ime sure they are discouraged from attending due to distance and costs, some of us mad fools will still travel no matter what, but smaller more local meets ime sure will attract more to attend eventualy!!! as it aint gona happen over nite, but in addition may encourage members in other areas to suggest/ organise their own thing and hopefully will have a knock on effect throughout the year..

as for euro write ups,,i did last julys trip to france the week after we came back,and its in the mag, soon as the mag is out,,ile send it to si for the site,like lee says,weve got no excuse,,it just hasnt happend to various things, worst thing is, the longer it waits to be printed the more outa date it getting lol, but hey, the next one should come out quicker if everyone sends stuff in lol.

dave definately up for the 3rd euro invasion,germany here we come!!!

glad you like the 5th birthday bash idea sarah, we definately need to do it,if somehowwe could get 6--80% off the club there if not 99.9% WHAT A SITE IT WOULD BE :shock: ,, again it gona be down to venue and costs for those who dont usualy attend..

its good this topic has got everyone chatting,,we need more of it, we can all do our own little bit for the club, a few suggestions,helping out with a meet or something or even a quick hello as it will encourage more to comment too...(hopefully more good than bad comments lol) :D

normally i just get told to shut up when i post things like this

but i'm really impressed

i've been talking with a few people in Renault OC and they aren't having their main event at Gaydon like last year, they where going to have it at a tram museum :roll:

but they've changed their mind (old women)

but they have decided to have it at Duxford Air museum in sept

i'm still waiting to find out if its ok if we attend - but if not - we'll gate crash :p


but lets keep the ideas coming - so far i think i might part with some money
aye up mogs,,its not us WELSH who are tite,,,we even pay to come back to our own country lol,, :lol: but it keeps out unwanted foreignors lol :wink:
Re: Events..

We'll be up for the Air Muesum, sounds good :D , enjoyed the Motor Muesum last year and the boyz like planes so it will be a great day.
Cheers Mogs :wink:
Hi, its me fae north o the border, they have just finished the tarmac road to the border so i might be able to get ma 21t south sometime this year for the 1st time :lol:
I would'nt mind going to a rolling road session, and alot of the other things mentioned sound really good aswell, and maybe going to Blackpool sounds interesting (Had many a cracking time there, but there where no cars involved, lol, :lol: :roll: :lol: ) maybe even book a cheap and nasty B&B and all hit the town and also getting as many people and 21t's to the 21toc birthday is something i would travel down for :D :D

Och aye why dont ye come to t RTOC national day at santa pod?

(Sorry my scottish aint very good like :lol: )
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