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What We Are Trying To Achieve


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Hi everybody, and welcome to the new forums.

We have started this forum and Facebook page with the intention of it developing into a new place, club or social network (whatever it naturally evolves into). It's a clean start, employing the latest web technology to make the experience as enjoyable and intuitive as possible. We have no legacy site, club, or data to stop us doing exactly what we want, how we want and when we want. The founders of this forum have no more of a requirement for this than for it to be enjoyed by anybody and everybody that comes here. All we ask is that you treat your fellow users as you yourself wish to be treated.
There are currently no membership fees, and will not be as yet. We have funded this ourselves, for ourselves, and for you guys to enjoy. We have enough time to look at alternative revenue generation to support the forums ongoing.....(but if you wish to donate, well, I'm sure we could sort that out once we have the means in place :) ). Please bear with us through the teething period of a brand new forum, we're adding features all the time and fixing anything we find that's less than perfect. Please try the Arcade, it's not very addictive, I promise.

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I need a place to obsess over French junk. My haunt for the last decade, the 21Turbo Owners Club has declined due to rarity of the car...time has taken it's toll. I also think that we need a new place to try and bridge the gap between the old and new schools of blown Renaults... the new Megane and ClioSport range are great cars and I'll happily broaden my obsession with everyone in the same place.

the 21toc has unfortunately become the stomping ground of few. Nothing to do with the way it has been run, just few cars on the road. Wanted to try and use some of my skills to bring passionate Renault ( and non Renault ) owners together and muse over the cars.

Fresh beginnings & pastures new. These are the foundation days, but the aim is to make this a great place to be for everyone involved. With likewise passionate, enthusiastic members on-board, there's no reason it can't happen. Vive le sport. Vive le TR.

I fancied a change, with a clean slate and after talking to the other guys after starting the proboards forum, and experimenting with a few options we found something that looked and felt right, so we ran with it :)

Big Steve - Raider-
Having been into my turbocharged Renault's for over 10 years I find that my interest broadening beyond my 5GTT to other models from both Renault and other manufacturers. I see this forum as the opportunity for a fresh start with new ideas, team and website to renew my interest and carry me forwards onto the next 10! :smug:
Well Congrats on it all, its looking good and I hope there are meets and stuff.
Yeah we are hoping someone signs up that runs a dyno facility or something and says "Why dont you have a meet at my dyno facility".

That would be really good like :D
As of Sunday, this will be the only forum I will be frequenting as my membership runs out in other places. So Long may it last and hopefully evolve into something amazing! Well done guys, hats off to you all.
Cheers buddy, it will be awesome. Lots in the pipeline to make it grow and become something amazing.
21TOC is from whence I hail and now I have a new place to play I shall endeavour to make this my new haunt.

Thanks for the effort team.
I had my LSD fitted in Telford, also had 2 lads on Twitter hailing from Telford wanting to do all sorts to my Mum and Nan.......maybe I can arrange to meet them at the same time haha
I have spoke to Chris Cole before about something or other? but my mechanic is a gear box specialist (rebuilt the T2 gearbox last year) and as such don't make use of Chris's services.....I think he is only 5 mins down the road.
Well done for the effort, hope the site is a success.
"If you build it, they will come..."

Although I have to say, now, we are in the hands of you need to keep coming back, keep posting, keep us afloat. We tried to give you something attractive enough in look and function to make that happen. So. Please keep coming back! Tell your Renault friends, particularly the newer regime of blown Frenchies, we want this to be the all-singing, all-dancing hub of every Turbo model they ever released. Granted we wont replace the model specific clubs for any car that has decent numbers left but it's somewhere to expand the remit for events, members to get together, have local meets and generally build socially.

One particular idea would be an inter-club annual meet, where clubs that can't afford a dedicated venue alone can pool resources to rent a whole track for the day, or something like that.
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