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What shocks do you use after lowering your car?



I'gona lower my car by 2 inches. Guess, I should also change the shocks, to keep them stiff enogh (I'm not sure, std will work properly, being constantly compressed by that additional 2 inches).
What shocks do you use after lowering your car?

Std shox are fine, besides you got no choice cos no-one makes uprated jobbies and custom are ???????????????????????????????? :(
Some time ago I've seen suspension kit for R21t in th B+G online-catalog. Then I've found dealer, and they told me, there's no such part # in their new (2004) catalog. Then I sent an email to B+G office and they confirmed, they "no longer carry suspension kits in their program". But they have produced it for some time. The other thing, they told me, was that they were using Kayaba gas shocks in their kits.
But local Kayaba dealers told me, they don't have those shocks too.
So I'm totally disoriented.

One more problem was trying to find Bilstein shocks. I've seen several 21t's, mentioned to have em, but tey're not in the Bilstein catalog!

What I know for sure, is that SACHS produces gas shocks for 21t.
Hi mate,
Back in April i emailed ""about getting shocks for the 21t, a chap called Andy emailed me back, this is what his reply was;
Currently we "should" be able to get any made inc the fronts as long as we can have the old one's for a few days to copy them..That is if the profile is not currently made.....end.

I have not pursued the matter any further due to my funds being swallowed up by other things at the moment :cry: but i hope to in the near future.

There number is 07010716440, and the chap is Andy Cutler.

Hope this is of some help mate :D

p.s, are the standard 21t shocks Gas or Oil ???????? :?
thnx, Roger. this might be very interesting.
But I guess I'll have make my customs outside the UK. Maybe our local car plant or somewhere in Russia....
And I don't know if std's oil or gas...
I just spoke to "leda" (have meant to phone for a while now) and the girl there says that they will do an adjustable rear shoker, oil filled (?200 more for gas :shock: ) 3 in 1 ratio ???? to your spec, ie, road, track gravel etc, for ?115+vat each, they will take roughly 3 weeks to do the order and what they need is the measurements of the shoky, or an old one, i think an old one would be better, if you want there phone number just let me know mate,

once again, i hope this is of some use to you :D
Shocking, I know....

Hi Hippoman,

Just to add, Sachs are basically copies of the original, nothing uprated about them at all, I kno cos I have 1 in my garage.
I spoke with AVO (they make the springs) some time ago and they said they would re-valve the standard shocks to make them stiffer...but prices were sketchy.....

Hi Lee.
I know, SACHS are the same, but noone makes uprated shocks for our cars.
What I was looking for were the shocks the same shorter as the uprated springs by B+G, ChassisDynamics or AVO, whatever. Adjusable wold be even better, but I don't even hope.
I understand that 1-1,5 inches of difference are not too dramatic, but there shouldn't be any difference at all.
So now I'm thinking to find an apropriate "cartrige" shock (without any mountings on it) from another car and fit to the mountings of my old std shocks.
Or maybe I'll try to move std shock-to-hub mounting a bit higher.

Why don't you just stick with std shocks and helper springs and lower the rear on the torsion bar like everyone else? :D

The rear shock and spring dont set the ride height, thats the torsion bar (main suspension component). Extract it and re-insert at a different position and roberts your fathers brother.....

The front shox are a grp N spec as std so shiny new ones with lowering springs will be more than enough i think, unless you're building an ultimate performance spine killer.
Yes Dave, I'm gonna lower the torsion bar too.
But I want everything to be nice. I just cant stand anything being wrong with this car, I'm restoring it, don't want to do tis piece of work after everything is done.

Mine is lowered all round and the only thing I NEED to change is the bumpstops....the Renault ones break up so easily. Powerflex and Spax do universal ones.
Personally i'd like uprated front shocks as I feel that mine gets a bit bouncy at times. Ive renewed my shocks every year so far. The rears make no difference at all, with torsion bar re-adjusted its as stiff as Ron Jeremies in a casting session :lol:

Re: Shocks....

la21t said:
Personally i'd like uprated front shocks as I feel that mine gets a bit bouncy at times.
this is why I wanna get uprated front shocks too.
Interesting !!

Lee, what do you mean by the "bump stops" mate ?? i know what they are but i cant think of them on the 21t, :?
Bump stops....

Hi mate,

I mean this, they break up soooo easy when used with lowered springs. And my Renault dealer reckons there aint none left at all, anywhere.

So measure the height and go get some poly ones :wink:
just checked out - no chance to move the hub mount on the shocks - it's too close to the driveshaft...
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