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What coilover springs for gtt?


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Just wondered what others run?
I've got gaz golds and am unsure what springs I have.
What length and rating do you run on your road not track cars?
I want it as low and comfortable as possible.
Not with coilovers mate.
Imagine taking a std setup and just making it all shorter/mounted lower.
Then it's low and comfy lol.

Just cos your going really low doesn't mean you want it hard/crashy.

I know you have to stiffen it a bit so it does it's job properly but I want the minimum stiffness I need lol.
i wonder if anyone has the original spring ratings? springs are only half of it though. the dampening and rebound also effect ride alot. do you already have coilovers and just want springs or looking for the whole package?
I've got gaz gold coilovers but as I run it so low the springs are nearly coil bound.
I wondered what others run and how they get on?
There's some 200, 225 and 300s on eBay that I might buy. I spoke to gaz, they said they first used 175lb springs then changed to 225 later.
I'm assuming mines on 175lb springs so I could go up to 225 without too much drama, 300s might be a bit much.
275 is probably what I want.
But I wondered what others have used.

My coilovers are fully bump/rebound adjustable.
I ran 275lbs with Avo coilovers on the old Raider, and they were ~7" in length if I remember rightly. I'll see if I can dig out any old pictures of how it sat/ride height.

They were good on track, and not too 'crashy' on the road. I'd have gone for a higher rating if it was solely used as a track car though.
Got a few sets knocking about. When I changed the Koni's to coilovers. My first set was around 250/275lb.
Currently running 350lb which I will be changing to 400lb.
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