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water injection whats the solution??????



has anyone fitted water injection 2 thier 21's. ive just been inquireing about these so called "injection kits" and they claim 2 work better than an uprated intercooler, look quite sraight forward 2 fit and anythin that will stop detination and allow me 2 run more boost for 279 quid gets me reachin for the flexi friend!!!!! had the car dyno'd 2day i have, chip 16psi, actuator, zaust, filter, bleed, dump valve. could this be the next step as ive reached the 220bhp mark?????? any reccomendations 2 what i could do 2 the engine next?????? turbo yes, bigger injectors yes, is a charge coolin aid an idea b4 i wazzzz the boost up anymore! any advice appreciated, thanks. :)
p.s i was told 2day that 2psi increase in boost is the equivilent 2 5bhp :idea:
Troy how are you mate :?: Hope your looking after VUK, I miss her :(

I've got water injection on my 21 and not been very technically minded can't give you a lot of info, but the most noticeable thing is the engine temp. :shock:

When on the motorway the temp sits a couple of mm below the first bar :D

The water injection increases with the revs so more speed = more cooling and sitting in traffic equals standard 21 cooling 8)

The main thing with water injection is it maintains the power but doesn't necesarily increase it :wink:

Pros; maintaining power, looks good

Cons; need to regualrly top up water/methanol mix when on hard run or fast motorway run as the pump will seize if it runs dry

Hope that helps you a little mate.

Laterz :) :)
alrite phil, thought u mite reply! lol. anyway this water injection kit, where do u get the methonol from? whats the methonol 2 water mix? what boost u runnin in ur hybrid? oH b4 i forget!!!! KEYFOB! :twisted: CHEERS M8

I guess if I typed it enough I wont forget KeyfobKeyfobKeyfob :twisted:

I will get it to you by next week - I promise :D

I get my methanol from radio control car shop. Its the Hi-grade stuff which I think is all you can buy in these places anyway :? I mix it with 50% water, and you get 5 litres for about 6 quid :D :D

By the way VUK sounds impressive on the dyno :p :p

Well done mate :wink:
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