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Water in oil


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Hi team I'm losing a small amount of water from my header tank and it's going in the , just doing an oil change , I can see the oil is a little milky , so it's an new engine , new everything , could it be the head bolts not to enough ? What is the to setting for the up rated bolts and , could I be losing water some where else thanks matthew
Anywhere oil and water cross paths is a possibility. Head gasket, liner seals, turbo core, oil cooler... I know that doesn't help much though does it! Do you have the yukky mayo build up under the rocker cover? Do you have a misfire on cold start? Is the cooling system pressurising? Have you done a compression test? Have you tested the coolant for hydrocarbons? Is it overheating despite the fan coming on? How much water are you losing, and in how much time?

Questions questions.
no over heating
coolant system does pressurise
no misfire starts perfect
drives perfect
small amount of mayo build up but not massive , bit like condensation type of build up
hard to tell how much im losing but I can see the level dropping In the header tank.

not done a compression test should I ?

not tested the water for hydrocarbons should I ?
Only test water or compression test if you suspect HG, and that doesn't sound like HG to be fair.

Are you SURE you're losing water internally, and not externally? Very slow leaks can evaporate as they weep out.

If you're sure it's internal I would be looking at pressurising the cooling system manually when cold to see if it loses pressure, if it did i'd probably drop the oil out and repressurise the cooling system and see if I get water dripping out of the sump.
Ive dropped the oil out ,I will re pressure the system tonight and see what happens , I will also re tq the head as well, what do I tq the head to , with a uprated headgasket and uprated bolts ?

thanks for your help matt
How long for? I'm talking hours, with the cooling system as close as possible to blow-off pressure. Mark the expansion tank level after you pressurise it (20psi ish), stick a clean, dry plastic pot under the sump and then sod off for a while. Then come back and check for drips and what they are, and check for leaks around the engine.
don't say andy lol , a spare head will cost me an arm and leg lol , was planning to get it on the road end of month , not much chance of that now :( dave I left it for 45mins with pressure , is 20psi a little high ? im getting close to giving up , testing my patience
The cracked oilway in the head has happened to me before, that usually makes the coolant fill with oil though and looks like spunk in the header tank
From my experience last year ....
Car ran and idled perfect, best ever in fact lol
Header tank all clear but loosing water, mayo in the rocker and system pressurised.
Thought was liners seals but was head as the liners had been wired and not sealed properly.I
I didnt have to pressurise the system as water dripping out of sump!!!!!
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