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wanted: 21 Turbo head / manifolds



After the head with all the bits, cams, valves ect ect for a NA ZDJL. Also if anyone has spare turbo inlet and exhaust manifolds im after them too.

I Got an inlet manifold, with throttle body, fuel rail, injectors and fuel pressure reg, and even a plenum chamber if you want it. I Got a zorst manifold somewhere I dont need to keep but its got the common cracks in....possible to weld up but if you can get another.....well.....its up to you.

Heads.....none at the minute aside from one who's valves had a row with the pistons.....and lost, plenty in bits though LOL
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hmmmmm - i've probably got all that...

Not sure what sort of condition the head is in tho, i took it off my grey one a few years ago, it'll need a skim.

I really need to sort this garage out.... Craig...!
ahah! I wasn't expecting that good of a responce to this. Im used to the dam peugeot lovers, trying to get parts from them is like getting blood out of a stone.

Joff, you definately sound like the man! I will be after a complete head and inlet manifold. I dont know about the exhaust manifold yet, it could save me abit of time. No rush in selling as im in no hurry to get these too soon. Also the head without all the bits, cams, valves, ect is exactly the same as the NA ZDJL? is it not?... Would it be possible to simple replace all the head internals with the r21t's? (Even though the 21's head is sooo much more pretty).

What sort of price would you be after for the complete head and the inlet man?
havent a clue if the head is the same, i'm sure some other geek can oblige ;)

If all you're after is the bits, then i've probably got everything in bits too. (valves, springs, collets etc). Think you might find that the guides are different (dave?) tho.

Definitely got the inlet manifold et associated bits...

I'll pm you mate.
The valve guides ARE different and they are a press fit.....theyre REALLY tight and I mean I clobbered one with a big lump hammer and drift about 30 times to get it out.....ruining the guide in the process.

Even though the basic castings are (i believe) the same, I'd still opt for the full Turbo head. Build it for reliability, and you dont spend more money REbuilding it when it goes tits up.
Good point. Even though it will cost more to ship the entire head , it will save me money in the long run. Just guessing how much do you think the complete head, inlet manifold and exhaust would weigh in at? (trying to calculate shipping cost).
where are you?

I sent a cam cover and exhaust manifold to canada.... Cant remember how much it was ;) lol
Ignore you? as in you wont send over here? or you checked my profile so ignore your quesiton of where iam?

He only said that cos he was being a numpty, british figure of speech) I think you'll find Joff is happy to sort you out (at your expense)

If not i'm sure someone else will :)
lol - yeah, it says where you're from on every post you make, i was just being blind :)

And i'm more than happy to help :D

(but in the mean time, just ignore my babble)

ive got a complete head and manifolds all in good nick BID ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you will end up a very happy man you can call me on 07928578111 if you wanted one about 4 months ago you could of had a staged head but its now gone sorry.matt
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