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Views on what you would want from an Audi TFSI powered R5 or Clio 172/182

Duncan Grier

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So I have thought about it for some time and after extensive work with the TFSI lump in the VX220's which I do and really are epic good. After a few texts early this morning with a friend promting this thought I would get some feedback on your views

It's such a great engine and with uprated HPFP intake / exhaust and plugs makes 373bhp & 405ft/lb torque in the VX (925kg with full tank of fuel) with the linear pedal map giving 1:1 pedal / tb ration your nan could drive it its that smooth and nice to drive (well until you ask for it :D) returned 51mpg on a 70ishmph trip to Durham and back and few blasts which is derv mpg

So I can make it fit in the R5 or a Clio thats just fabrication and lots of measuring before I cad draw stuff up

Now I think the epic classic 5 or the classic in its own right been the 172 / 182 would make a great chassis for the engine box combo. From a handling point of view the clio is going to be a better chassis

Out the box there are 2 options been the gti k03 spec tfsi combo with 6 speed box or the full fat k04 S3/K1 Cupra/Edition 30 lump. Keeing the power under 350bhp means it works out a chunk cheaper without fancy clutch, HPFP and few other things

What would people want - big power? cheaper lesser powered option? stealth oem looks and low noise / fire spitting vagness

I am keen to look and possible do a limited run but clearly no point if there is no market for it. I retain the oem features of the car in terms of dash diag port for airbag etc etc. think its a nicer solution and makes the total oem option other than its makes a german engine noise lol

Anyway braindump away guys nothing set in stone - my view is mega linear power delivery (helps woth traction also) reliable power increase, better mpg and been different - not having to open engine or box for near on 400bhp suits me rather than expensive engine parts and build time

Thanks Adey

Yep you loose a touch from the slighly more agreesive cams of the S3 spec lump but the turbo / injectors etc bolt straight on and very minor differences between the 2. The Recirc is housed on the inlet seperate to the turbo on the K04 due to compressor design where the lesser powered on is part of the turbo but few bits of silicon and oem recirc housing / bracket sorts it out :)

As you would imagine there are a LOT more decent 2nd hand lumps gti spec ones over the S3 spec

Ecu files can be sorted to support bigger turbo etc (although dont assume a DSG ECU works on a manual even with file over written) found out the hard way and showed itself in a very strange way but that issue sorted :)

I think its all down to cost I think.

Personally if I was going to do the conversion and it was £x , assuming the all singing all dancing version was a small percentage ( <=10% ) of the total price it would be most attractive.
One of these engine's in ST-cup would be awesome.. but again it comes down to the cost of doing it vs what else you ccould buy with your money??
For example if it cost you £10,000 you would have a seriously kick @ss Renault 5, but it would only be worth that £10K+ to you :( Sad but true.
For the same money you could buy a nice RenaultSport Megane and tweak it to get some decent power @andybond then still have all the luxuries (air con, power steering) safety kit (Airbags, Side impact bars) resale value, ease of service etc..

I'm still flippin tempted though.... ;)
I have decided to only offer 5 of these in the vx220 and the 5th will be a special (TT RS tfsi lump or the 3.0 S/C S4 tfsi) so at the moment there are only 2 more to be made as number 3 (actually is number 1 if I was gettting technical about it) is mine :p ;)

My own preference is the older classic 5 as its just cooler (my view :p) but again would not offer large numbers or fitting kit etc etc - either gets done properly my way or it dont go at all :) I loved and still miss my old 20V Turbo 5, had sooooo much fun in it

I like it to be very personal and exclusive and what I am really passionate about - the costs is the hardest bit when offered upto an older car that possibly does not hold the same value and future sale cost always an unknown but then its a VERY exclusive and fast classic - always going to be on the wanted list

To do a track version would be really cool with diff option etc and love to do a full oem looking one but as already stated its hard to even give a guide price until I have a fresh proper look in the engine bay and work out the best way of mounting etc. Done enough project cars now to not ignore the smaller sundries which can really add up on some

I really like the engineering side and very lucky to have full engineering workshop to use :)

Will start to try and have a better view of the cheaper setup and 300bhp mark - thought about aircon and hard to work around in the VX but possibly more relaistic in the 5, along with power steering if thats you thing :D

The track beast is front engineed and rwd and its a handful and designed that way a short wheel base car would be tricky one on limit maybe megane been bit longer than clio would be more drift friendly
If it were me, I would use a 172/182 body, keep it F/F for costs sake.

Not as much money around in this game as there used to be.
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