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Two on one day!!


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Hi all
Just got my entry list for the June meeting at Gurston Down hill climb and there is another 21t doing the rounds on Saturday 19th, so it could be worth while for some members to come and watch? :roll:
ps; how do you get photos on this forum?[/img]
flippin heck,, how typical is that,,

do you know who the other guy is ?? is it the guy from exeter? blue/yellow 21
Hi again
It's not Alex from Exeter, as he is using his 5 t2 nowadays but it's new chap from weymouth ,Dorset. Apparently he's normaly drives a Volvo??? on the hils. :eek:
Anyway a membership form has been printed off and pre addressed envelope is done so all he has to do is fill it out and send it.
let you know more as & when.

Im making it a personal mission to visit one of your events this year. I promise.

Sadly, my mate (a 21 owner) decides he gonna get married on the same weekend as Belgium and you racing, thus meaning I cant make either. Of all the days he chooses that, funny tho, when I told him about Belgium he asked his 'to be' if they could rearrange for the following week :)

well its great to hear,, you iz gona have sum company on the hills richard,,and even better he wants to join the club.......think we as a club,, have got to get our arse into gear and come and support you properly,,not just a token crowd.. hopefully one day,, we can make it there,,,but good luck for now
lyndon :D
re gurston down

if you get the chance go because ive bin a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed myself seeing all sorts of cars single seater pilbeams to a 2ltr twincam morris minor a mk2 escort with cossie 4x4 running gear an x lemans car ! its amazing the lemans car looked if it was so slow just cruising but put up fastest time of the day!!!! :lol: thoroughly enjoyable day out

There are a few more remaining dates left for those who may visit:
June 19th & 20th
July 18th
August 28th & 29th
September 12th, all at Gurston Down
longleat park towards the end of September
thanks Rich

if i ever get her running again (REALLY PISSED OFF AT THE MO MISSING HER BADLY)LOL i may well see you down there ill try n drag Atkins n sum of the other boys down with me
The week end went ok'ish with out any incidents but the other 21t did not show on saturday? so couldn't compare mine to a standard one (would have been gutted if he beat me)
i wonder

which hose let go PMSL thats a shame rich as that would have bin a good measure to compare yourself with if i can rich n if my cars running lol ill come down n meet u at the down ps anyone else thginking of doing the same watch out 4 the hampshire police they are very hot!!!!! :shock:
August or Sept??

I think we'll possible be coming to see you racing either in August or one of the September dates. Really enjoyed it last time we came to watch you. Well worth the trip to Gurston Downs. :D

Keep us posted on how you get on with your racing results and let us know the date for Longleat Park, as that would be a good family outing for Members. Good Luck to you and see you soon. :wink:
Got final comfirmation of results today, and it it's bad news
A WRX im-'#:8*^%$? beat me by 1.05 sec's on saturday so i had to settle for 2nd out of 5.
Sunday beaten by another im-----a and last years Audi TT by 2.46 & 0.46 into 3rd and last place :cry: :cry: :cry:
but hopefuly a RR session next month will help [-o< [-o<
(any future dates are subject to entry being accepted)

Hi all
I have an additional event at which it MAY??? be possible to watch me at play.
Saturday 14th August at Goodwood circuit.
As it is at Goodwood it has yet to be comfirmed if the public can watch so I will let you know for sure when I get the final instructions.
Re: Extra event

Hi Richard,

Hope things are going well? Let us know if we can watch there and if we can make it we'll come see you race. Cheers
Don't forget

Don't forget that I have an event at Gurston Down hill climb in Wiltshire on August 28th/29th.
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