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TNT Andy

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OK as previously discussed, I'll get some prices for t-shirts / polo shirts. Let me know what size, colour, type and what text you want where and I'll get prices together. the more we order the cheaper it gets, if we can do one universal design on 1 type in 1 colour it's cheapest etc.

Get your thinking caps on and we'll start a list here .

TNT Andy - Front 'TROC', Back - 'TNT-ANDY' - black - polo - large

When you're happy with the design, let me know and seems to me as a jpeg or whatever it needs to be. I think this would look good on white.

What are you thinking, on the back, front, tattoo'd on your boat race?
id go with it either on the back just below the collar and/or on the front pocket area if it was me?
Will do...I got a nasty virus from trying to DL the Renault font last time and had to system restore, thats all I need to find now is a non-virus filled Renault font.
I think that would look cool on a black top, it'd kind of melt into the Renault logo in a subtle way. Put me down for one.:clapping.gif:
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