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Hi all,

What type of turbo is fitted to the 21t? mines a garret at the mo not sure which type, but before it had this one on it was an AirSearch (What the hell is that?!?!)

The AirSearch made big boost but span up slowly. This garret is great.

Will get some pictures the AirSearch turbo if any dont know what it is. Ive never heard of it.


to be more precise, its gotta be TBO370
as far as I know, several producents use Garrett's turbo design, including T3. So if you find T3, it may be not Garrett one, but AiResearch for example, wich were commonly used in american cars in the 70's-80's.
And what about TurboTechnics? I wonder if they are Garrett too?
Turbo Technics is a supplier of turbos they do not actually manufacture there own althouhg then can repair/modify turbo's.

As Larsson (cough spit lol) Daz says Garrett is the manufacturer of turbos, like KKK, Mitsubishi etc etc whereas Turbo Technics are a supplier, you ring them tell em what you want, they either find it or build it.

As for the AirSearch question, ive NEVER come across a 21 Turbo without one of these on the nose of the turbo, unless its been changed by the owner. Ive got 7 standard units in the garage and every one of em reads AirSearch on the comp cover. I might be wrong but I think you'll find Garrett is AirSearch too....Dave will confirm this im sure :wink:

air research.....

dont know about standard turbo's but my t-34 says "give me f**king more air" :lol: :lol: :lol:
cool so the airesearch one that was on before was the original, now i got a garret, yeah the same but im gonna have to go look at it in the morning. Last time i looked at it, it was trying to leave the engine bay. :lol:

Whats the going rate for a second hand turbo? im thinking of buying one and getting it recon'ed for a spare incase mine goes (not out of the engine bay!).

Cheers folks.

Jay. (Still buzzin :lol: :D :D :lol: :D :D :lol:)

You may well be right there Mr Atkins :wink:

T3 refers to the base unit of the turbo, the rest of the numbers i think will refer to the trim used (housings etc.)
The one on my car now is a TB0303, its still a T3 and i can still use it on my 21, but I had to change the exhaust housing and modify a few other bits on it.

Going rate for second hand turbo's....well I can get ?60 for a knackered one, up to ?150 for a decent one, or more if its recently rebuilt or a hybrid.
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