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Trax 2004 - 5th September at Silverstone RaceTrack


Sarah21t xx

The Ultimate Car Club Track Event" known as the Biggest Event of the YEAR!!

What's at Trax 2004:

All day track action on the Grand Prix Circuit
0-60 Sprint Tests
Massive Trade stand & Exhibitor area
Biggest Ever Owner's Club display
Huge ICE area & Mobile Rolling Road
Sony Playstation mega dome
IASCA sound challenge
Adenalin rides and much more.....

Entainment and support from all leading motoring magazines including Fast car, Fast Ford, Max Power, Redline, Revs, Total Vauxhall magazine.

Prices: ?10 per person (advanced) or ?19 on the gate.
?25 per 15 min session
?7 per 0-60 Sprint.

All advanced money (by cheque/postal orders) should be made payable to: 21 Turbo Owners Club and sent to: Sarah Hewitt (Events Org), 1 Dunbar Road, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 4RT.....BY NO LATER THAN 5TH JULY!!!!! Please remember to include who you are, how many tickets/sprints/track time you require, your address and "YOUR" membership number.
After this date you will have to pay on the gate :cry:
(Payments should also include sprints/track time) :D

I would again LIKE as many 21's as we can get to this years Trax (including the non-internet members). Lets see if we can beat last years amount of around 30 Cars. (35 cars had booked '03), and it would be really nice to meet those members with their cars that are not on the net. So if you know of anyone..let them know about. :D I will be sending all Non-Internet Members Details about Trax. Again I will do some Trophies prizes for e.g. Best car, best standard, best mod etc. (Work in progress on this idea still) as it proved well last year in 2003 :wink: . So get them cars looking their best lads/lasses!!!!!!!!!!! Lets look forward to a GREAT TIME!! :D

P.s..please remember that the Car Passes to the Club Stand are for priority parking for members and their Renault 21 Turbo car. If you purchase any tickets for friends in any other vehicle that is not a 21Turbo then they must understand that they'll NOT be able to park their car on display ie in the main line-up. Parking should be out of the way so as not to divert attention from our already unpopular cars :wink: ....sorry everyone but rules are rules hope you understand 8)
Anyone at all???????????????? :(

Only 5 weeks to pay for advanced tickets....

So Far there is:

Myself (Sarah) - My"babe" 21 Turbo
Roger - going in his 5 Turbo (parking it on RTOC Stand)
Chris Clarke & Amy - (Ex-Member/Our good friend) driving Rog's Quadra.

All paid up so far. 8)
i'll let you know soon

if i haven't set fire too all of them :evil:

starting to hate cars again


Never miss it....and at double the price, ill be paying in advance methinks :wink:

I'll be there aswell, should have the reno red again by then, LOL
Yes please.

Put me down for one car pls, may take another but itll be on rtoc i think.

Ill let you pay for me and ill 'give it you' when i see ya next :p :p :p

i will be there. wish you said at french car day, would have paid you there :(
nevermind, will send it up.
half the price

hi liz going to look 4 my cheque book now thatll b one car 4 me please !!! should be done by then lol pmsl WELL HERES HOPING ANYWAY !!!! :lol:


hi sarah,
i would have thought you'd have known i'll be there
i will pay in advance to save money
1xentry 1xtrack 1xsprint
i will give you money next time we meet which be at euro rally
cheers for now
I'll try and get our stands next to each other again, and make sure they allocate us enough space :D

Should have the 5 finished by then it'll be towed by the GT4 though so gonna have to find somewhere to dump the GT4, reckon i'll get away with putting a reno badge on it ! :D
Hi Everyone,

Looking good so far....thanx for the reply's. That would be good Racheal, i'll have a word too when I ring them this week :D .

Dave darlin' you'll have to pay me first ,"then you can give it to me" :lol: :wink: . lmao

Hi jay, thats fine to come with us :D , the more the better but please park well towards the back if you come in any other vehicle then a 21Turbo....the same also goes to any other member or ex-member (that would like to join us) regarding parking. :wink:

Moggy...your 21T is getting alittle TLC Here...looking good boy :wink:

Please also help me out...if you know of any member that isn't on-line then just give them a bell to let them know. I have tried some phone numbers that I have but they don't exist any more :( , Lyndon has also sent a package out which includes all the shows coming up, but they may not know how big Trax is :( . Much appreciated to anyone that helps out.. :D

Post box still empty........only 4 weeks to go for advance tickets.......................... :cry:
I'll be there as usual, with me mate Baz as well.

2 x Tickets please.

Cheque will be with you shortly dear.

hi sarah as usual rushin around living a london pace of life will get cheque in post in fact gonna write it out now or ill never do it LOL
:lol: si21 :lol:
Trax 2004


Myself (Sarah) - My"babe" 21 Turbo
Roger - going in his 5 Turbo (parking it on RTOC Stand)
Chris Clarke & Amy - (Ex-Member/Our good friend) driving Rog's Quadra.
Si (21) in his 21 Turbo.

All paid up :D

Looking very very very poor on last years! :cry:

after that it's ?19 on the gate guys/gals.

Payments to be made to: 21 Turbo Owners Club
and sent to : Sarah (21TOC Events), 1 Dunbar Road, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 4RT.

boohoo :cry:
Trax 04

9 DAYS TO GO FOR ADVANCED PAYMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (?10 per person)


Is anyone else coming????? If not please let me know. :oops:

After the closing date for advanced tickets of 5th July it will be...........

yes ?19 on the gate!!!! #-o

YOUR CHOICE :-({|= :-({|=
dont know if its right,,but ime sure i read sumwhere, tickets bought on the day dont allow you to get on clubstands and sprints
Re: Trax 04

Thanx to Lyn & Liz, cheque arrived this morning. Look forward to recieving you cheque Martin, Steve Kentish and Smallboy. :wink:
Phil let me know when you put money in, so I can log it down.

As mention in another place: Please calling all members that read this message, if you know of anyone that is not on the internet please give them a bell and persuade them to come along, as I've no response from them at all since Lyndon sent out renewal/new membership forums with the dates on for this Event. Cheers everyone. :(

I will be doing trophies again this year and a few other ideas that have been mention to it will be worth while :D

COME ON EVERYONE!!! :mrgreen:
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