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To Roddy


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The pulsing pedal syndrome is caused by dirty ABS targets mate, the sensors think the wheel has locked and the pulsing is the system trying to release the brakes. Once it figures out that its a system fault and not a locked wheel it'll disarm the ABS. Mine used to switch off as i went over 80mph :? before it started the low speed pulsing and then turning off altogether. Yes the wheel bearing can cause ABS problems too, you never know that might be the dodgy target too so renew it (its all one component) and see how it goes. If not its wheels-off and clean-the-targets time :D
Cheers Dave

Yeah, i cleaned the fronts when i was doing the front discs so i have a feeling the problem could lie at the rear of the car, i should have a genuine rear bearing shortly with the new "teeth" on it so i'll see what she's like after thats changed...fingers crossed.

The old reciepts tell me she had 2 new ABS sensors, an ABS relay 25000miles ago fitted by Renault (at least there was one owner cared about her)

Its great when the system disables itself though.....smooth braking :D :D
Re: Cheers Dave

roddy2 said:
Its great when the system disables itself though.....smooth braking :D :D

It's even better when it works properly and you have to brace on the steering wheel under immense braking force :D :D :D

Even the new front targets could be dodgy mate, examine them for damage. Those loverly brake ducts have a habit of firing debris at them... :(
If you can photo the targets then send us a pic, Ill photo some gooduns later and post it up.
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