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To All Southern Area members.


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As Sarah has said Trax is on Sunday 5th September. Its a good day out better than French Car day by a mile :!: :!:

?10 in advance for tickets if you get your payment sorted by 5th July or ?19 on the gate, and as Lyn said ''not sure but if you pay on gate you may have to park your car in with a rusty Nova or clapped out Chevette'' :oops:

Just think convoying along to Silverstone with your fellow 21members and maybe we can have a BBQ or something.

you can go on track, 1/4 mile and theres some bargains to be snapped up on some of the stalls :p

Come on what you waiting for :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
hi phil
spoke to roger to nite and told him that cheque will be sent out tomorrow
so i will be in the convoy
and a bbq sounds like a sound idea (and an excuse not to go to work on monday :-& )
see u soon mate
I got to agree with you there Steve, I must be due a few days sick leave :-& Its been a while now :wink:

See you soon :D

I must get orf my arse and sort some cheques out...can you believe I aint renewed yet lololol

I only took the Chair role so I didnt have to pay, then next thing I know I got a renewal notice on my door...tutututut jus cant get the staff eh lol

I will be at Trax I promise, its my favourite
Re: TRAX 04

Hi you lot down there,

Please do come to the biggest Event of the year :wink:

If you know of anyone without internet access, just give a bell and let them know!!!! I've had NO response from Non-Internet members at all, not a ring/text to even ask for prices or details. :cry:
being a tite fisted southern car polishing monkey dont get you outa nowt lol, let the moths out for a breather,,goodness knows how long they been couped up in your ass pocket.... :D
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