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Throttle spring

Quiet Pete

Alright guys just having a bit of a mare with my throttle returning thinking my spring my be up for renewal but not sure .. That middle bit looks a dogey

Yeh cool the only other thing I can think if is it's catching on the rubber / kinked where it comes through the car.. But I've tried my best to "straighten it up" I'll have a gander and see who's got what

Thanks :)
I can't remember offhand, but the throttle should open fully and smoothly and self return if you disconnect the cable. If it doesnt then figure out why, if it does then push the cable in and out and see if that snags instead. Testing each part individually until you find the issue basically.
So I had a little look today.. Cable seems free.. Throttle mech seems free.. Even when I move the mech by hand and return it the engine was still revving high and was slow to return to about 1k tick over so I'm thinking it's maybe summing sticking in the carb

(I've got a little video that I can't upload of the way it's revving)
About 1k I've taken the carb of to get a better look at things.. I think I've got a carb rebuild kit.. So I might have a go at renewing it. While the carbs of I've tried to check all the manifold bolts..

I'm half tempted to just take the engine out, tuck a lot of wires and sort a few bits out.. Just double check things, I was in rush putting back in and it haven't been right since.. It won take to long to take it out tho will it?
Na I've taken a few out.. Not put as many back, ha.. And when I did mine it was with my mate on his drive.. And a little rushed.. So it was a case of get in get it running and off u go.. But there's a few things like speedo cable that run over the top instead of underneath.. Drives me meantal..

Any way taken the carb out and give it a good clean just now.. So rebuild it.. I've been told it might be the throttle shaft seal.. So looking to get a new one of them to.. Hopefully with a bit of magic it's should stop what ever was messing it about.. If not life the engine and give it a good going over..
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