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This is also Funny


steve b

put in a name or a place and google will let you know what it knows about them/it

and if you copy the phrase it gives and paste it into the normal google search you can see where it came from.

the sad sad sad thing is ... if you put my name in .. (steve barrett) the very first thing google comes up with is actually me :eek: .... i am a sad interneter that has been around for far too long ...(copy the phrase "steve barrett is squeezed into the car with jeff minter's nuon gear" and paste it into google to see the site it came from)
tee hee hee ...
"wales is no reason for panic"
"wales is mugged by millbank"
"wales is known as kite country and upper gilwern is situated at the heart of it"
"renault is driving upmarket"
"renault is now running the show"
"renault is investing 643 billion yen"
"renault is a 'slicks and wings' formula and offers drivers close competition in cars with identical tyres and engine performance"
"renault is the leading brand in western europe in all passenger and light commercial vehicle markets"
"Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about davel485 yet"
"lyn is married to lester morgan"
"lyn is available for corporate stress management/meditation arrange through your company today"
Some of the better ones, some true and some just too funny to leave out.

tony is god
tony is sitting on one chair reading the paper
tony is a numb nut
tony is driving ahead
tony is a male indonesian tiger that was confiscated in a drug
tony is so close
tony is a `hardcore soft drink guy'
tony is what we dont like to call the second guitar
tony is my hero
tony is mr
tony is not on the back of the t shirt??
tony is grrrreat
tony is here
tony is
tony is sitting on the couch reading the paper and trying to ignore jo
tony is a numb nut
tony is driving ahead
tony is single
tony is a top
tony is a male indonesian tiger that was confiscated in a drug raid
tony is just the greatest guy ever
tony is sweet
tony is enjoying his home here
tony is a two ton faggot
tony is one of the happiest guys
tony is almost 3 years old
tony is a combination of all of the following adjectives
tony is teaching the poodle how to use www/lx
tony is what we dont like to call the second guitar of the band
tony is da ma'am

here`s mine lol
the top one has to be right lol

stilts is dangerous (in a quadra)
stilts is so similar to that of the eggs
stilts is
stilts is constantly playing out
stilts is a very dangerous activity that can result is serious injury and even death
stilts is another traditional perfomance
stilts is cone 6
stilts is een bijzonder theaterinitiatief dat zeer uiteenlopende producties tot stand brengt
stilts is so damned wonderful
stilts is often liquid and magical
stilts is higher than that one
stilts is something i would still have to research on
stilts is thought to be around 15 years
stilts is to create some new elements for use in their construction
stilts is performed each spring along with the sowing of seeds
stilts is super reinforced for safety and abuse
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