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The Workshop

Hi, here are a couple of pictures of some work we have done.

An engine bay after having the engine removed. Years of dirt and oil etc!


An engine bay after we have prepared and painted it.


The old engine.

engine before.jpg

The old engine once we have worked on it!

engine after.jpg

Want it putting back to standard?

back to standard.jpg

Maybe Modified?


Or even Simplified!

modified 2.jpg

Whether is is an oil charge or and engine bay tidy up we are happy to help.

I didn't realise you did work on the cars for customers Mike, I just thought you supplied bits. I would love you to return my engine bay to 100%'s not far off it now thanks to some work from Marky Mark a while back.

What would be the best way to book an appointment with you?
Great work there Mike :) as Hammer said I didn't realise you also did mechanics, how the hell do you also do your daily teaching job and all this too, you must be a very busy man.
Wow, nice work! The less time I have to myself these days, the more tempting it is to commission someone to do all this for me :D lol
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