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Bless, more to follow soon.........

:D :p :D :p

Enjoy Sibbers hahahahahahahahahahaha
dont' u mean

best thing to happen to a ph1 ;)

yours running for cover

Yeah I hear ya....

We were gonna use the roof as a sledge, but the nasty dull grey paint dont slide well on snow :p :p

Oh btw....there'll be another in that colour in the same condition soon, but that one HAS to end up like that, or ill end up getting me carpet :wink:

Hey Lee, those discs still look like there is a couple of thousand miles left in them..can I have em! LOL

As for the rest of the car, Cest la vie as they say in France, I will say a little prayer for it tonight [-o<
stop please

:cry: please stop im in desperate need of grey drivers wing, will collect. best colour renault ever built them in :cry:
stop please

:cry: please stop im in desperate need of grey drivers wing, will collect. best colour renault ever built them in :cry:
that's a mighty bad stutter there!

*time to turn on the flood control*

Hey - i still need some grey mirrors, a grey nose and grey front bumper!
Sorry John...

I know we've been PM'ing...but am I reading right.....GREY THE BEST COLOUR THEY EVER BUILT EM IN.......hmmmmm????? Im pondering that quote GREY and oxymoron if ever I read one.

Possible reasons for best colour they ever built em in:
For old blokes with tartan blanket on back seat and shopping in Dunn & Co
Towing Caravans and having them giant gay mirrors on the wings
For reducing sales in order to make the car more exclusive :wink:
They had too much paint when they painted the RSJ's in the factory, had to use it somewhere :wink:
Making them blend in, when being driven through places like Birmingham, Leeds and Milton Keynes :wink:
Making the tyres look interesting :wink:
Giving the birds a designated space to shit, great idea :wink:

The best grey one I ever saw that wasnt cut into pieces is MVS's, a stunning example (imo)

Best colour is the Blue followed by Black and Silver....the white makes em look like a chest freezer from Bejams

Man im in a quirky lil mood this morning ;-)

LOL @ Lee

I quite like grey really, it's everyone to their own really! I think they look good in any colour even red(got a beauty for sale at the moment see For Sale forum :wink: ).

The metallic Black is still probably my all time favourite mate(in a smashie and nicey stylee), thats why I hate Steve Kentish, a quadra and in metallic black! :mrgreen:

Hey Monkey Boy tis black nothing but a much duller grey PMSL

:lol: si21 :lol:
:lol: blue aint that the same colour as them stupid little clios sure you dont want to drive one of them, you aint an hairdresser am u si, need grey mate nobody notice ya till its to late to get your reg :lol:

You may be in a quirky mood but i'm still going to kill you :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

There's nothing wrong with stealth paint, it dont show up the dirt and create a polish fetish like black, cost a fortune to spray like pearl blue (sports), fade like red or try-and-be-white-but-not. Silver, now there's a nice colour. Tungy grey, otherwise known as dark silver :wink: :wink:
blue is the colour chelsea cant play the game LOL

actually i cant agree with the blue thing an clios i have a 19 in guess wot its BLUE n im lovin it blue is the very colour that attracted me to the car in the first place but i also like tungsten its a kind of reserved quality kinda colour sumink monkey boy Atkins knows nothing about !!! LOL one of my 21's is a tungy (the short one OOOOOOPPPPPPSSSSS!!!!!) definately not the best thing to happen to my tungy 1 n my other is Red (the ladies love it in red (rhymes with BED ) just my twisted mind LOL


im gonna fix her one day when ive fixed the other one first PMSL
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