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Finished my sun-roof last night well pleased :D It now works :wink:

Cheers Roger and Lee for the verbal help - much appreciated :wink: :wink:

I know Roddy's put a post in the other forum but thougght I would add my own version as it all helps.

Basically I removed all the obvious trim surrounding the lining, sun visors centre lights, grab handles etc. Took glass out and surrounding plastic rail on interior roof lining(Be careful with this as it breaks well easy) :!:

At top of back window there is a platic fitting which lips the roof lining. I carefully bent it out and pulled the lining down. The linings held on with velcro so as per Roddy I got a sharp knife and cut it away. The lining has to come down in sections at a time bcos of the velcro. if you just pull it, it will tear :?

I lowered the lining as far forward as where the centre lights are located and placed two pieces of wood across the tops of the front and back seats to take the pressure off the lining. By now you should see the sun-roof casing and motor.

At the back of the sun-roof casing in the two back corners are two black hoses pull these off. I then gradually loosened the middle and rear nuts that hold the casing up. I took the two centre nuts of completely and got a mate to simultaneously remove the rear bolts and support the casing.

Whilst my mate held the casing I slid the cardboard card towards the front of the sun-roof and pulled it out where the glass would normally be.

Job done. Obviously putting it back together is the reverse of the above. When you put the lining back if you took most of the Velcro off like me, then buy a can of spray glue and spray it through any gap you can see the relates to the lining.

Seriously if you got a sun-roof thats not working give it a go :D I done it and Im by no means good at these sort of things :?

It took me about 4.5 hours to do.
:D :D :D :D :D
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