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Sunroof help


Larsson 7

Well guys a while back there was a post about changing the sunroof in the old forums. I stripped out the sunroof assy in my car today and it's totally shot. I think someone said the sunroof assy in S reg clios was the same as the ones in 21's and fitted but I'm not sure if my cloudy minds remembers correctly. Does anyone know if that's true or indeed what other sunroof assy's will fit in the 21?

21TOC Member 23.
Fixed the sunrrof today!!!!!!!!

Craig had suggested getting a phase III tilt and slide but in the scrappies i toured i the best i could find was just a standard sliding roof from a shitty h plater 21. The fault on my roof was that one lifter was snapped as was the tbar. All I did was remove the tbar/lifter assy from the scrappy car and fit it to mine. Was a difficult task rebuilding it myself as trying to balance the whole sunroof assy on my head whilst refitting nuts to the roof wasn't exactly easy lol. Would definitely recommend and assistant for this task.
As I was getting angry I also managed to destroy to pieces of interior roof trim but rhese are minor and shall be replaced in time.

The main thing is........ALL THE ELECTRICS NOW WORK ON THE CAR...YAY!

glad to see u got it sorted m8, yeh balacing the whole thing on your head can be a pain in the arse, but worth it when uve done the job :wink: .
Catch you all later.

For ref I had never done anything like this before.

Took 1 hour to initially strip the sunroof frame out the car, I possibly should've did this slower as I managed to damage roof lining slightly.
20 mins to figure out what needed fixed.
40 mins to remove necessary parts at scrappy.
1 hour 50 mins to repair my sunroof frame and rebuild car interior.
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