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Spark plugs.



Just a quick question. Are there any performance spark plugs which we can use :?: Also while im in the area are ther any performance leads available :?: If so does anyone know where i can get them from :?:

Many thanks.

Chris. 8)
Re: spark plugs....

Hi mate, the plugs you require are of the NGK variety.
Or to be precise...NGK BP7EFVX (Platinium tipped)
Heard of a few people that have used Splitfire's....with BAD results ie a melted exhaust valve :cry:
The Standard Renault plugs are good but be prepared to pay for them,last set I bought (about 3 years ago!!) cost me nearly ?40 :cry:
The NGK's are available from most good motor factors (and I don't mean Halfords,coz they'll bend you over and shaft you on the price :shock:)
I usually source mine from a multi national company caled C.A.S (Central Auto Supplies)
Be prepared to pay around ?20 inc vat for a set.
And a final tip from R.C Racing....If ya running more than standard boost,set the gap to 20 thou as opposed to factory setting of 24 thou...this will lesten the chance of the spark being 'blown out' under high boost conditions.
Hope this helps
Roger (21TOC Technical & Sole proprietor of R.C Racing ) :D

Thats right Roger is now my bitch at 'R.C' (Renault coventry) racing :p :p LOL

Nah, jus' kiddin' 8)

He's right though, use the NGK's gapped to .55mm (otherwise known as 20 though by old people), DONT use splitfire's and NEVER EVER buy a multispark thing (eh lee? :roll: )

I got a nice set from Demon Tweeks for between 40 & 50 quid they were Magnecor KV85?s (the 85 stands for 8.5mm inner core). :lol:

Didnt notice any difference but they looked nice and being thicker at the core I suppose the spark is witheld alot better 8)
Plugs and leads.......

Was about to say, I can get NGK's at ?14.48 per set. Possibly less if we buy in bulk.
As for leads Dave is spot on, do not get a set that come with a SPITFIRE multispark on the king lead, although Stu Harrington swears by it. On the way up to French Day I suffered serious neck and forehead injuries, due to the persistent misfire caused by the said item. I like Halfords ones.

Dave may I just say, thank you for clearing up the 20thou into mm thing....I looked at my guages and thought WTF is Roger on about lmao....its all in mm's I felt like a donut for asking and feel like one now cos I didnt know, I used to lean my plugs against the wall and say 'yep looks good' #-o

hi mate i've got aset of iridium plugs from denso, there a bit pricey but last 3 times longer. try spark,for info and buying.

regards johnspin

Lee please do not blame the car those so called head injuries the odd behavior av bin with you from birth LOL
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