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Spark Plugs??


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ok whats the general on spark plugs for extra boost? i want a set for the LeCar but the expected power output will be double standard, what should i go for?
NGK Platinums, or NGK Iridium Resistor plugs for standalone. Avoid twin spark or super four style plugs on forced induction cars.

Use this...(have attached pdf file as well as the image). For example I recommend BP7EFVX for the 21, and now i'm using TR7IX with the Adaptronic.


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that would make me cry lol £100 a plug ! i didnt pay much more for my whole car lol
i will get some though and maybe few other little ignition bits my car doesnt seem to be 100% running right
I used this NGK plug finder site and it came up with B8EFS with 0.6 mm gap for standard Gordini turbos.

That plug code is also listed in the below info about modding the 5 turbo up to about 210 hp so I will be trying that one first on Bougie. 5 Turbo 1 and 2 Tuning.pdf

On my Volvos I used to go a grade or 2 colder plus smaller gap where I had upped the boost. For example my S70 went from 10.5 psi to around 17 so I dropped from the standard 0.8 gap to 0.6 mm.

Here is the bumpf I found on it, not saying this is gospel but worked for me (on a totally different car :)):

edit: this cross-reference chart helped me, I didn't know an NGK 8 wasn't the same as a Bosch 8 until recently!

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