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Someone wanted alloy intercoolers


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Nice site looks set to be vast improvement on old one.
Anyway back to the thread. The other day someone requested some alloy intercoolers think it was "crazyscotsman". I left a message to say I had some, but obviously due to the spanky new site could not look at his reply. So if your out there let me know. thanks
hey mate how are you doing i had to re-register noe under the new name of joc yes i am after some alloy intercoolers my top mount has a great big dirty crack in th plastic housing as you may tell they are the standard ones
oh ye it might be wise to ask if you have a pair and what sort of money you are after for them i noticed it when i was lookig at the rad
Alright mate, I have both alloys intercoolers the top one has a hole in where it has been rubbing against something but can easily be welded back up. The bottom one may need squeezing in coz it looks like it has been welded oversize. They are both standard fabricated up ones I believe, may need cleaning out before fitting. Other than that they are OK and I was running about 23psi through them and didnt even know the top one had a hole in it until I took it off to upgrade to a FMIC. So make me an offer if you're interested thanks.
i think it might be as i live just ou side of glasgow what if i offer to pay post and packaging
that would be wicked mate because i think they need to no the size and weight to no how much it will cost send me your telephone number through private message then i can phone you to give you my adress:D

you dont have any silicone hoses aswell to go with it do you
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