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We have an adult section where no adult material can be used.

Isn't that akin to a boxing match where you aren't allowed to punch?
The idea was to give you testosterone filled plonkers somewhere to vent.

Allow me to demonstrate.

"Fuck you all you bunch of cockfaces"

"Or, DaveL485 you are a complete wanker of the highest order"....etc.

Also for funny but inappropriate jokes about dead celebrities, videos of drifting arabs splattering themselves get the idea. I was toying with the idea of starting a "Favourite boobies" thread. Because I like boobies.
Really, it kicked off major style the last time I told this on a forum, surprised you ain't heard of the BK Walker flamer double stack.

Upset a few shandy drinkers that did.
We wont censor you over here Penfold , but could you consider revising your post ? We dont want any interclub rivalry or sniping
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