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Sideskirts and Wing


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I know I have posted before but, I thought I would refresh your memories...

1 x Sideskirt(Nearside) Tungsten Grey
1 x Sideskirt(Nearside) PH2 White

Nearside Wing PH2 White

Email or Phone me on 07768 728980.
Grey bits....

I have a GREY phase 1 coming in on Saturday for breaking........ :)

Ill give it the once over, if they good they yours :wink:

And Craig, that silver skirt.......I know a home for it :wink:

i have a grey side skirt if you still need it


Grey Sideskirt now sorted Cheers Jon!

Anybody for the PH2 white??? [-o<

Might have to get my hand in my pocket and get some sprayed :shock:
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