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Side Decals... Again!


Another thread about decals!
After having my 5 resprayed I need some more decals, it looks a bit bare in my opinion without!
Trouble is being black my only option seems to be genuine, which is too expensive!
So what does everyone think to these :First set
I know I will never be 100% happy with them, but they are cheap and are better than bare?
Otherwise these:Second set
I don't think i have seen anyone with these so don't know the quaility, they would need to be fairly good at around the £100 mark.
The second set will be a lot better as it's the full strip that first set is only the rear part have alook on the French eBay that's where I got mine for about £110
I'm developing the black ones at the moment mate. Already developed the tungy/white decals & the red decals.

I stopped doing them cos people on Facebook bitched about the price. Which is laughable as they know fck all what they're talking about. I'm developing the last batch cos 3 mates of mine have black 5's. I can do another set no problem.

If you can wait a week or so ill have pics up. They are 99% original and screen faded properly. You can't notice the difference between OE and replica.
All good homies.... ;)

These are the last batch. After these there will be no more made.

Aww, thats a shame. I'm sure we could support you making them from a club perspective?

I might need a chat with you about my R9Turbo Ph1 Turbo stripes :D if I lavish you with cash you might be able to reproduce the original decals!
We tried doing them with mike at gt turbo spares. It's the usual story mate- people pulled out of buying them after mike funded them and then mike got left with loads if copies and a big hole in his pocket.
We tried doing them with mike at gt turbo spares. It's the usual story mate- people pulled out of buying them after mike funded them and then mike got left with loads if copies and a big hole in his pocket.

Learned that lesson myself mate, I do a lot of bespoke stuff for 21's. Cash up front, or no product..... Requires some trust from buyer>seller, hence the offer of club support.
Mikes got loads left over mate! He may be keen to shift some units through u guys. I'd sooner he get rid of his existing stock than me make club ones. It's not really fair if I do that. He has tungy ones white ones and red ones.
You did I great job with these Dave, it still grates me that people had the indecency to bitch about them...and complain about the price! They are fantastic copies.

So many people appear stating that they can reproduce these for peanuts. They make grandiose statements in forums and Facebook as to what they can achieve for say £50. Then you never hear from them again!!
Thanks Hammer. I appreciate that mate. It means a lot, especially as you had a set :)

One guy said he could do them for £50- that was about 3 months ago, never heard from him after. If it was just printing a sticker it would be a lot cheaper. The expensive part is screening the gt turbo in red and screening the red fade. It takes ages to do.

Usual rtoc gold- Everybody has been after cheaper reproductions of high quality for years, 2 members come along with them after months of graft, they then get it thrown in their face by a few members.

FCS should be interesting...
Just an idea, but what if we were to get some of your reproduction sets back from Mike, take them to the FCS and try and sell them. I bet that when people see them in the flesh, they will definitely sell!

I've tried to contact mike and he's not replied yet.

I was thinking about selling them like that, but I'd rather just go and enjoy the show :) lol
Sorry to hijack the thread, but what is the Facebook page called please? I haven't found it yet. Cheers
Hmmmm. Let me think.

The website is called TurboRenault. What would we call the FaceBook page that goes along side the website. Something that would, you know, promote the website name.


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