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Shock Absorbers



This topic seems to crop up from time to time and I know our choices are limited..
Basically I fitted new shocks to my car a few months ago and it's a pile of pants.
They were Sachs shocks, from either german/french/swedish or anyspares, can't remember which now. The front end seems slightly higher than before, and the car rolls more as well. They have genuine renault stickers on them and I've heard others saying they are exactly the same parts the dealers supply.
Also, a couple of years ago I tried lowering the front of a 21 and fitted new shocks, which were Sachs as well. That was a waste of time as well. The cars was rock hard but actually handled worse than before.
Was that just because the back wasn't lowered at the same time?
Is there anyone that's fitted new shocks to their car and actually found a real improvement or have I just been unlucky?

Maybe you ended up with 2.0 non-turbo ones?

I Lowered mine on std shox and it handles superbly, rear is still std.

If this is 'RussK' from the old forums-I STILL have your tweeter in my doorwell.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Re: Mmmmmm

DaveL485 said:
Maybe you ended up with 2.0 non-turbo ones?
you can't fit em to your 21 turbo without redrilling the mounting holes.
It's one and the same Dave lol! I'd almost forgotten about that.. I still have 3 21's and not one working o/s tweeter. I'll have to drag my arse to a meet soon I suppose.

Regarding the shocks, they seem to fit perfectly but like I say it's no improvement at all. And that is over the original 160k mile shocks that were on the car :-(
It's all about my poor english skills. Let me explain.
I ment this mount and this holes, Dave, take a look. Turbos use bigger bolts here, so turbo's holes are bigger too.
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