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Selling your car on eBay= Nightmare

R5 Skywalker

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My Girlfriend and I have decided to sell her Audi TT convertible. We put an ad on eBay and It's been a fcking nightmare.

We've had 2 tyre kickers who just wasted my Saturday. 8 people arrange viewings and not turn up.

Is this the standard for selling a car privately nowadays?
Yes! Unless you are selling for daft (low) money it's loads of hassle IMHO. The last 3 cars I have sold, I tried via eBay then gave up and sold them other guys on forums usually

Just as bad as buying one via eBay.......

Renault 11 turbo, the guy forgot to mention he had no V5

Mazda Bongo (yes really - for dogging purposes) got a inspection done, no coolant

A pal of mine wanted to buy and old was an ex-wedding hire car, rusty as you like
Yeah eBay seems to attract dick heads if you ask me loads of people moan about eBay
If you want mate give me all the details and pictures and I will put it on the Audi sport forum if you want get more genuine buyers on forums
if you want to get rid of a shoddy car, sell it on ebay. If you want a slightly better class of bellend buyer, sell it on autotrader.... But expect to have your asking price slashed :(
Price only gets slashed if you're desperate to sell fella. You can't say because of the website you advertise on the price gets slashed.

I'm just gonna p/x it. Save the ball ache. Shit experience.
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