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SCALLY/BOND your dead men!

Well i reregistered but i will keep that user name.

If you change this user name mister Bond then the video i have of 'Sickboy' gets posted:D
I Got one too Tony, im going to post it anyway, and if he bastardises my login i'll stop fixing the car LMAO

If it was scally however, ill get Gem to make him behave LOL
I havent touched it !

Look in the direction of a certain other Scouse. His name might rhyme with She Fallison.:D
I had a feeling it was the scally:shoot: ,

oh well i know where he lives and where his cars are kept:075:
What a naughty boy that scally is, he needs a good stern telling off lol
Ok no problem, next party i'll give him a stern telling off :angel:
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