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RTOC National Day at Santa Pod on Sat 17th July


Sarah21t xx

Our Club has been invited by RTOC to join them on this day:
?15 on the gate (inc Sat+camping, and sun)
?13 (+ ?1 booking fee per ticket up to a maximum of ?5)
book on: 01234 782828

?20 for unlimited runs...just remember to take you driving licence!!!!

Gates open 8.00am on Sat, sign ons opens 9.30am Sat (first come, first serve basis) and it's open to all French Cars!! 8)

The Event features:

*Thor Racing will be attending with their amazing hub dyno!
*The famous Santa Pod Quarter Mile, RWYB Unlimited Runs!
*Overnight Camping for Saturday night!
*Bar and Catering Areas!

NO pets, glass bottles, bonfires and unauthorized vehicles! :twisted:

SO whos up for this???????
Avon is also this weekend (sat17th/sun18th) , so you could go to Santa Pod Saturday then Avon Sunday or just purely stick with Santa Pod all weekend...what do you guys think???? Let me know!!! :wink:

Im defo coming to this one, will be there saturday first thing, but im working sunday :( otherwise i would have done sunday at avon.
Lets see if i can get the beast a bit quicker. lol
see u there.
hi sarah,
sorry i can't make saturday ( my mate getting married.......... bloody idiot)
just let us know where u will all be on sunday and i will meet u there
till then
RTOC national day..........

I must get my gearbox done by then, I must get my front mount done by then, I must get my silicon hoses on by then, I must get my big hairy arse into gear full stop...............lolololol

Och aye I canneee miss this one wee man, I dinnee knoo how ill live wit maself :)

I seem to be working that weekend.


I feel a very serious illness coming on

*cough cough*
Re: National Day..

DARE YOU!!! :twisted:

You never miss time off work!! :twisted: lol
Oi you better not miss this event Dave or i'll be round your house to drag you out of your bed :D

Just to update everyone, we have confirmed we have the bar open from 12 midday with an assortment of DJ's to take us through to 12 midnight for those wanting to take a break from watching the racing.

That's exactly why they'll believe me when i say im out of action for the sat and sun night just after payday 8)
Just a couple of questions....

Does we got a stand, seems to be confusion among some members? Seem to be a crime not to represent at the BIGGEST Renault meet of the year!!! :oops:

Im planning on being there on the Saturday, gotta see Craig clean up!!! :D

Lastly, Rach can I come in a Ford Escort Mexico? Its either that or me Sharan.....ive had an offer on Black Beauty I couldnt refuse :shock:


shhhhh u will jinx me.

also im in a quandery as im member of both clubs :?
mind u im bringing my van and thats a renault and turbo charged. :lol:

RTOC National Day

Information for our Club:

Saturday, July 17, 2004
From 08:00 in the NN - Northampton Region (United Kingdom)

About The Event
This event will surpass both the previous days hopefully in all ways!

Open to all French Cars.

Things confirmed so far:-


Friday night camping in field outside Pod which will be signposted.

Gates open - 8.00am Saturday

Signing on opens - 9.30am Saturday

Signing on cost ?20 for UNLIMITED RUNS!!!!! Bring your driving licence

Track open between 10.00am and 5.00pm (with 30 minutes closure for lunch)

Thor Racing are bringing their amazing dyno that works off the hubs so no tire slip for actual power readings! ?35 for 2wd car and ?45 for 4wd cars. You get 3 power runs and can tweek the boost between runs. You will get printouts with power, torque, temps, AFR and pressure.

We have the following competitions:

Best in Show - K-Tec Racing are supplying a Carbon Fibre Bonnet as the 1st prize, Motech are suppling a set of EBC Discs and Pads as 2nd Prize and a set of Lowering Springs as 3rd Prize.

Fastest E.T. up the strip - K-Tec are supplying a front strut brace as the prize.

Fastest Trap Speed up the strip - Andrew Cooke is supplying a Genuine Renault F1 Wheel as the prize.

Fastest Reaction Time - ?75 Voucher to spend at BB Tuning.

Fastest 0-60ft Time - Europarts are supplying an Alloy Header Tank as the prize.

Best Bodywork/Paintwork - Motech are suppling a Storm Single Wiper Kit as the prize.

Best Engine Bay - K-Tec are supplying a stainless steel brake reservoir cover as the prize.

Best Interior - ?50 Voucher to be spent at Prima Racing.

Most Ingenious Modification - CTM Performance are suppling a lightweight flywheel as the prize.

Best Install - BB Tuning are suppling a ?75 Voucher

Most people in a Renault 5GTT - Motech are suppling a Scorpion Exhaust as the prize.

Best Sun Tan - Yokohama Goodies.

Various Trade Stands Including K-Tec with their new project car, BB Tuning with there latest cars, Prima Racing with their 21 Turbo Racer, CTM Performance with their Fuel Injected 5GT Turbo etc.

More to follow.

We have invited all the other French car clubs like Renault Sports Club, Clio Sport, Renault 21 Turbo Owners Club, Performance GTi Club, Saxo Sports Club, etc etc.

Last year we had quite a good turn out but this year promises to be much better as we have had extra advetising from Santa Pod on their calender, Newsletters in various club magazines and 10,000 flyers were distributed around the country and worldwide due to our international members.

Happy Boosting and see you all at the National Day.

Bruce Hockley
Club President.

Worth while I think!! :D
See you there :wink:
Lee you can bring your Mex but if the strip is busy only french cars will be allowed to run.

We also have the bar open from midday to midnight with music and DJ's all day. :D
Yup....I'll be there....

....providing I get my alternator sorted for the 70th millionth time!! :?

Lee....get ya pikey ass down there in ya 21t & stop being a lazy coooont!! What kind of a chairman are ya if you arrive in a Ford (ahem) ??? [-X

Is anyone else going to Avon on the Sunday?? :-k
Lol@Lee 'Marco' Alison

Ill be there in a VW now as my loan Mexico has taken a turn for the worse......hence the term FixOrRepairDaily :)

If I could fit a gearbox whilst driving round London all night, then i'd be there in thou 21....but I cant sniff sniff....................UNLESS OF COURSE ANY CLUB MEMBERS WANNA RALLY ROUND AND DO IT WHILE IM BUSY EARNING A LIVING lmao....thought not :D :D :D :D

MPV with PS2, AirCon, Diesel MPG and 130bhp it is then :wink:

re: national day...

Hi Lee,

As far as I'm aware, Lyndon & Liz, Craig, Rob, Lee Atkins, Dave Sibley & Gemma, Joe Smith (new member) and Quadra Rich (new member) will be going Saturday.

On sunday they will be Steve & Kerry Kentish, Quadra Rich, Roger & Myself, Dave Sibley & Gemma, Lee Alison & co. and Joe Smith :D
See You Sunday! :wink:

Anyone else coming to Santa Pod this weekend?????????? Come on peeps. :wink:

Yours Truely,
Yup il be there 4sure!Went in the R5 last year so il take the quaddie this time!
Not sure whether il be running tho
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