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Archived Road Hawk Hd In Car Cameras

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R5 Skywalker

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Hello chaps,
I thought I'd post up a quick advert for these Witness cameras.
I am a sub dealer for a company called Road Hawk. Adrian Flux (Who insure me) offer a discount on insurance premiums when you have a witness camera installed to your vehicle.
these cameras are also excellent quality if you want to record your lap of a circuit or if you want to record a qtr mile :)
anyway I digress. The Road Hawk HD unit is the flagship model, which usually retails at £239.00 incl vat.
If club members are interested in these witness cameras, We will offer them exclusively for £220.00 incl vat.
See the video link below:

Anyone who is interested or has any questions, feel free to message me.
These the type of things they have in all the Russian you tube vids? What sorta saving do you get on the insurance?
Adrian Flux give between 5-10% depending on circumstances Ade.

and yes, I believe these are similar to the rusky YouTube videos. I've got one just for when I drive the 5 on track lol
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