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Hi chaps,

As some of you are aware, I'm currently in the process of producing some copies of the original GT Turbo club logo from way back in the day. If anybody is interested, I'll let you know when I have something produced.

Big Steve, could you kindly post the photos here of the original sticker that you posted on the pro board forum please? I need the sizes again mate. Thank you.
Okay chaps, just putting the feelers out. With some help from Jonny (cheers mate) we've managed to produce some of these retro stickers. Currently, they will be produced in external vinyl only. Mainly it's a cost and production issue, we may have a go at window cling in the future.

They are currently being made in white and silver. Please take a look at the attached proof, this is the quality of the sticker. So, would anybody be interested in one of these? If so, can you say whether it's silver or white you would prefer?

They can be posted out to you for only £2 per sticker.

Didn't think of that Steve...good idea. I think for now, due to the amazing interest in these both here and on Facebook I'll just get the first side made up and sent out first, or else I'm going to get myself confused. I'm a bit thick like that!

But if this lot prove successful I'll see what we'd an do with reversing the image :grin.gif:
Sorry chaps, I don't have any in was just a proof you could see. They're just white and possibly later some silver for now. However, if they take off I could get other colours perhaps.
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