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Not forgetting this one, please please register an interest asap if you fancy it......thus meaning I can get onto organisers to get us a stand etc.

Have a look at the site click on the clubs that already earmarked for attendance and you'll be amazed.....come on most of us are 70's/80's children (most lol) :D :wink: :D

I had a look at this on the santa pod website, could be up for it. :D

RetroCars site thinks you lot are attending....pmsl

Re: Retro Cars

I think Rogers on about going to this Event on Sunday, if anyone wants to meet up with us....more than welcome. :wink:

Give us a bell if your going. Think it's a bit late for a Car Stand through, but would be a good day out. O:)
Re: Retro Show

Phone call off Roger says that we're not going now....sorry peeps...something else has come up and we've no money to go anyway. :oops:
I will probably make an appearance as its only ten mins from where i live now, think you're right though bit late to organise a stand, wondering whether they change the colour of the privilege parking passes though as i have a few left from the japshow !!
Lee I will certainly try my best to make this one - im a big fan of retro car mag and would love to see some of them retro'd motors giving it some down the strip :twisted: :twisted:
sorry lee,
mates stagnite on saturday nite/sunday morning
there will be too much alcohol and naked ladies and i will be in no fit state until late sunday afternoon.
sorry mate, but i had to choose one or the other and retro cars lost this time.
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