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5 GT Turbo Reserve tank fuel pump

Rob_p6 pug

New Member
Hello all,after getting the car up and running I've found that the reserve tank pump isn't working,how is this pump activated?,does it work off the fuel sender some how? I've noticed that the yellow light isn't on aswell on the fuel gauge........I assume that the pump is run from a relay so does this work the light aswell?.

Thanks .
yep when the light comes on so does the reserve pump, there is a way to make it fire from the top of the main fuel tank, under the black plastic cap inside the car. couldnt tell you the exact wiring though i do know they both come on together
Right I see,the plug in the sender unit has 3 wires 2 orange and one black,the 2 orange work the gauge and the black is a earth I wonder if the reserve pump is negatively switched then???.
Thanks for your reply :)
I've found my problem at last :),In the drivers side rear quarter there's a bloody relay for the reserve pump and it's buggered so if anyone has a spare they want to sell please get in touch.
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