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Renault's Cafe in Paris..

went last week and it was.........


The Turbo2 on display is crap! the rear wings are cracked, its parcel shelf doesn't fit and has just been chucked in! the paint is better on T-cup! less swirl marks and all around the badges there are left over mopping compound!

the new cars are well.... what you'd see in any dealership

and there was a torro rosso on display that had a stand in front of is saying Redbull F1 2013, it was only when I looked at another chap in there and said "isn't that a torro rosso", I got asked by security to "move along"

there's a 'tiny' little shop selling redbull stuff thats cheaper on ebay and a few models and key rings

oh and there's the cafe/food hall upstairs selling very over prices average food!

We walked over to Citroen and there place was AMAZING, (ok but no food), Toyota was just as good with this years lemans car and the Ts020 in there
Mercedes was good, but everyone trying to by a keyring to go on their keys!

Peugeot was closed which was a shame as in the past they have had some amazing prototypes on display!

save your money! lets try and get renault to open Flins up for us!!!!!! there must be someone here with a contact there???
Ha ha ha, great review Mogster!

I've tried to get a flins thing going a few times and don't seem to have enough sway for anyone to write back :( If anyone is bezzy mates with Mr Renault and can pull a string, then please shout?
Steve, Flins and renault piss me off, as clio sport have been and the 'official' renault forum went a few years back, its like they've forgotten about people who actually like renaults past who would like to see the cars, yes ok there might be a few people on those forums/clubs who would, but really?? they want to see the 'rainbow vive la sport Orielle Gtturbo' with all, or the R11 Group A car?? most prob don't know what it is

Atleast peugeot have opened a museum, its not got everything there, but they rotate and you can ask when certain cars will be there, and Citroen do the same but in Paris

Renault are a joke, and I even wrote to complain to them direct about l'atlier (cafe renault) and got a reply saying, thanks for you comments!

the display they have there at the moment will not be changed until 18 Jan..... 2015!!!! Citroen change there's every other month!
When me and the other half were in Paris, thought it would be rude not to have a nosey around. I was disappointed and the other half was like, wtf is this.

Moggy summed it up fairly well tbh
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