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Renault Captive Nuts

Big Steve - Raider

Raspberry Ripple
Staff member
Hello All

Has anyone ever discovered an alternative place to source the captive nuts Renault use on their cars? I'm looking for both the full steel, and plastic/steel combination ones.

You'll all know these fastenings, as they're a bugger to remove until you realise a quarter turn and a pull will remove them.

Thank you pleasings :)
OK, OK, so yeah, I know where they come from as in manufacture but they don't sell to goofball garage plonkers like me. I'm trying to find a 3rd party outlet that can supply them, because I don't want to buy eleventy thousand of them.
Dealer said:
Let me check with my manager to see if it’s possible, I can’t see it being problem. The 405 comes in a pack of 25 and the 458 is packaged in 10’s.
We wouldn’t stock as many as that of these particular numbers as they haven’t been overly popular, but we reorder every 3-4 weeks.
In response to me saying we are a small club not a company and order quantity would be quite low, less than ten units/packs of each.
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