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My renault 5 GT Turbo black ' used 14.12.94


  • r5gt per sito inglese.jpg
    r5gt per sito inglese.jpg
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  • r5gt farfalla da 34mm...jpg
    r5gt farfalla da 34mm...jpg
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looks awesome, do you have any information on the aei? what sort of power does the car make?
Assuming it's not simply a beta-version of the RE-208/9, I'm guessing it's either the original programmable aei made by Philipe Quillon, or the aeiP that Xenon was waxing lyrical about last year.

Or maybe it's something else! =D
I like the bonnet Marco, they are based on a lancia aren't they? I'd like something like that on mine :)
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