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Archived Renault 21 Turbo ported cylinder head

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Flowed and ported 21 Turbo cylinder head. You can see the extensive port work in the pictures, the ridges behind the exhaust valve are gone and the inlet has been opened right out. All stud threads are intact, ie no snapped studs. Cam runners are not perfect but serviceable (no pickup) as shown in pictures, although if you were really fussy I can point you towards someone that can resleeve these.

I will include the valve springs and collets pictured but it does not include valves or camshaft.

£100 for quick sale20140712_143103.jpg 20140712_143110.jpg 20140712_143121.jpg 20140712_143125.jpg 20140712_143132.jpg 20140712_143147.jpg 20140712_143157.jpg 20140712_143210.jpg 20140712_143757.jpg 20140712_143812.jpg 20140712_143818.jpg 20140712_143842.jpg 20140712_143852.jpg 20140712_143921.jpg . Call or text 07969014585 or email [email protected]

Do you still have this? Mine needs to have the exhaust manifold studs drilled out so this seems like a nice way of getting it sorted!
Threw it all in the bin....9 engines worth! Six of which were 21T. Sat there for ages, nobody ever wanted anything till 2 weeks after I dumped the lot in April.
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