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Renault 21 turbo head gasket

Yep I can get kits. Where are you based?

Are you sure it's the head gasket? Back of the head, under the dizzy drive right? Just check it's not the distributor seal.

Also, when you do it replace the belts too, and preferably the exhaust studs which are prone to snapping when they get old.
Its leaking under the inlet manifold as well as the dizzy drive which I have a new seal for.
I'm in fleet Hampshire I'll pm u my address.
The part number is the Payen gasket set DX590. Should be around £70-£80 retail. I can get it if you want, but you might find it more palatable to order locally as my turnaround times can be a bit slow with getting over to collect it and then posting it out to you.
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