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Red 5 Gtt On Ebay Made £8k


Dunno if anybody was watching that red 5 on eBay, but it just sold for £8,000! It looked pretty tidy, but it still needed a bit of work from the description in the listing. Is this the future price for a generally good condition GTT?!
WOW thats crazy money, makes me cry a little knowing a few of the cars ive owned in the past and what they could be worth now
Seems a very high price to pay. Apparently it's totally OE, genuine 85k miles and loads of paperwork. But still, £8k o_O
Really my leccy blue phase 1 has less milage then that and is quite a mint car, not that I would sell it but 8 g o_O
Apparently the buyer has already collected and has taken it home. Seems straight up as well, he's talking all about it on Facebook!
shame the earlier and rarer gordinis arnt the same, older fords in good condition are crackers money
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