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21 Turbo Red 21 Turbo New Toy For 2014 :) Standard Bits And Bobs And Wheel Colour .........


Had been looking at this car for years when we went to college 10 years ago a lad in my class owned it after getting from his dad who had garage that specialised in French cars think they bought it in 1994 or near then loved the sound of it back then and still sounds awesome and was something different to the normal chav wagons we all rolled around in back then :)
anyways we kept in touch as I went into a motor factors and used to see the car daily it was semi restored about 6 years ago full respray fast road cam fitted head was ported and polished a general tidy up really and a few modifications smaller steering wheel and nasty sparco pedals to name a few but these were all popular back in the day :/
as time went on we discussed me possibly buying it but whenever it was for sale I either had no room or money so had to pass on it then the other week it came up for sale again so I thought just do it as I wouldn't probably get a chance to buy it again . so the deal the was done and it was dropped off to me I was well happy with it
went for my first drive 2 days later all was well then all of a sudden it stunk of burning oil then started smoking from under the bonnet !!!!! turned out she had burst a major oil line from the filter housing to the block
was lucky it didn't catch on fire as this seems to be the usual outcome when these lines fail .........
got it off which was a nightmare as the unions were so tight to get off sent the broken pipe away to be repaired with new hose and its back already the service was awesome rapid turnaround
so hopefully will be back out this weekend and I can see what its really like as I only managed a massive 13 miles lol
it needs a few bit to tidy it up like indicators at the front and 2 new wiper arms but its nothing major and will get sorted over the summer but on the whole im pleased with the purchase it didn't cost mega bucks but the rarity factor appeals to me everyone looks as if to say "whats that?" which does make me laugh to be honest :)
hopefully wont have to many more issues once this pipe is back on (touch wood)
ill get some once I've cleaned all the oil off it lol it plastered the whole engine was a right nightmare it needs a good clean and polish too but weathers been so bad ive left it and I was grumpy after the pipe split and nearly killed it haha
everyone has been saying that all week I didn't realise it was a common problem it was literally spraying under the turbo which was a bit worrying ........ was that much smoke fireman sam nearly had to come out lol
I did see that on the net dunno if mine was done though I assume it was ............... thought the recall was feed pipes ? mine split from the filter housing
Defiantly oil feed pipe. There should be a blue sticker somewhere in the bay with it on. If not ring RUK.
The recall was for Turbo oil feed pipes. I have never seen a cooler pipe fracture like that! Check your engine mount isn't broken and jerking the lump around.

Do you work for CAS?
I used to work for cas but moved on now to another factors my engine mount doesn't look the best ....
I bet there a right pig to find new aswell :/
Nice looking car, and GREAT story! A similar reason I got into 5's was a guy at college (back in the early 90's) was driving one and I thought it was :cool:.
Thank god your new baby didn't catch fire on your first trip, that would have been rough.
I would of been gutted if it went up in smoke :/ think it was partly down to the fact I was taking it easy as it was my first drive if I had of been giving it the beans I'm pretty sure it would of ended another way lol
Out of interest where are you and who did your oil cooler hose? Mine are showing signs of wear.

That said I might fit my filter direct to block using the Cossie/Subaru method of oil cooler.
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