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Rear Wheel Bearing !!!!!


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Just in case anybody is interested I spoke to German, Swedish and French car parts this afternoon to try and get the above for ma 21t, i was qouted ?65 + vat and told they are all the same (except Quadra of course)....that was until i mentioned its a L484L oval plate and NOT a L485L, the chap just presumed it was a L485L as he does not get alot of calls for the L484L and told me that there company does NOT do one for the L484L, and that they are different as he used to be a Renault dealer mechanic and can remember fitting them, and even he says im just better off going straight to the dealer......AGAIN, so that will be another ?118 +vat then,

Ach well, easy come easy go. :-&

Hmmm thats odd, my mate got them from there, one on each side too. I thought our car was an L485 :?

Dunno, but he defo got em from GSF, cos he works next door to the big un @ Heathrow

Yeah Lee your right mate, if its a L485L then you ok , however (cause there's always a however) if its a L484L (late ph2) then your fooked, its dealer only. :)

Although having owned a ph2.....why would

I thought the rear hubs were all the same? Ah well, you live and learn

I Think you'll find he's full of brown smelly stuff.

Roddy, the oval plate for your car is L48L, NOT L485L, and for earlier dizzy models the OP is L485, not L485L (note my username :wink: ). Even the quadra's are the same OP, L485 or L48L depending on dizzy or dizziless respectively.
The 2wd Wheel bearings are the same throughout the range, later models did have a different rear hanging bracket for the brembo calipers but the wheel bearings are the same. How sure am I? well, ask my phase 1 outside, with rear bearings from a later model with brembo calipers.

Trust me, i'm a professional :shock: :wink:

Oh, make sure you get the one with 5 stud and ABS, you can get 5 stud no ABS, 4 stud with ABS as well, easy to get confused.
Och, whats an extra 4 and L here and there "lmao" :lol: Look am a 21t beginner and all you hard core experts are picking on me :cry: :cry:

Yeah i spoke to Roger last night and he showed me the error of ma ways, lol, :oops:

He said the same as you Dave, that they are all the same, but i must admit that i have ma doubts, but i will give it a go becuase i bow to your knowledge :D lol, and as we say in Glasgow, "You are the dude in the chair"
:wink: :wink: and the 2 of you have never been wrong so far...... :)

Roddy please stop making his heed swell......
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